07 May 2013

Sanctum 2 Preview!

Recently I got my hands on a preview of the PC version of Sanctum 2 by developers Coffee Stain Studios and sat down some hours to play through it. Sanctum 2 offers a first-person, tower defense experience in which you control one of four classes and defeat hordes of alien

26 Apr 2013

Hidden Path Entertainment Announces That Defense Grid 2 Is On Its Way!

Hidden Path Entertainment has recently informed its Kickstarter backers that it has raised the funds needed to make DG2, Defense Grid 2. On July 10, 2012 Hidden Path Entertainment launched its Kickstarter Campaign to fund new content for its highly acclaimed tower defense game, Defense Grid – The Awakening, and

17 Apr 2013

Kerberos Productions Announces “Mind Games” Expansion For “Sword of the Stars: The Pit”

Coming to a computer near you: Mind Games. Kerberos Productions, the creators of the Sword of the Stars: The Pit, are pleased to announce a new expansion for their popular science-fiction roguelike. The Mind Games expansion for Sword of the Stars: The Pit will add new playable characters, new game mechanics

16 Apr 2013

Rooster Teeth Announces New Youtube Strategy And Content Development!

Rooster Teeth Productions, the online entertainment giant behind the award-winning web series Red vs. Blue, is proud to announce a major new development in the company’s 10-year history.  The Rooster Teeth YouTube channel, which has grown to become the #15 most watched YouTube channel of all time, the #19 most subscribed to

06 Apr 2013

Black Rock Shooter Coming To PSN!

NIS America is excited to announce that the highly anticipated Japanese RPG title for PlayStation®Portable, Black Rock Shooter The Game, will be hitting PlayStation®Network later this month. The US version will be available on April 23, with the EU version* following the next day, April 24. Black Rock Shooter The

05 Apr 2013

Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 4 Gets A Premium Edition!

NIS America is thrilled to announce that another brand-new season of the extraordinarily heartwarming title, Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 4 Premium Edition, will be released in North America this July. The next season of this highly acclaimed title will come packaged in a sturdy collectible slipcase featuring a traditional

01 Apr 2013

Jar Jar Binks MIMOBOT Flash Drive Released!

Mimoco, creator of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, and to celebrate April Fool’s Day, announces the actual release of Jar Jar Binks MIMOBOT USB flash drives. After an upset about the prank release of the character last year, Mimoco has nodded to fans of Jar Jar

28 Mar 2013

PAX EAST 2013 Spotlight | Revolution 60

In the future, an American orbital weapons platform has drifted off course, causing a diplomatic incident. A team of female special operatives must steal a space shuttle and stop the weapon from firing, but all is not as it seems. If you fail, an all-out nuclear war is set in motion. Revolution 60

GTAV Styling
28 Mar 2013

GTAV Screenshots: Dive, Drive, Fly And Explore

Grand Theft Auto V is emphasizing sand-box with the newest screenshots that show the player falling from the skies, exploring the Pacific Ocean, driving at explicit speeds, and of course being reckless! When we think about the evolution Grand Theft Auto, it’s hard not to draw comparison to the Saint’s Row series

26 Mar 2013

PAX East 2013 | A Look At MOGA

Portable gaming has gotten a huge wave of development on cell phones, and tablets. But the pressing issue most gamers have had with their devices is the inconvenience of playing on a touch screen instead of a controller. For awhile now I have searched for some sort of device that

25 Mar 2013

This Is The Super Saiyan God – SSJG

What does it take to achieve a level BEYOND a Super Saiyan? Apparently six pure hearted Saiyans. In the new DBZ movie: Battle of Gods, Goku achieves this form to take down Bills – the God of Destruction. I am extremely envious of Japan, as Battle of Gods releases exclusively in their

24 Mar 2013

PAX East 2013 | The Last Of Us Preview

Today at Pax East I got a chance to experience a game by one of my favorite developers since childhood, Naughty Dog. Their new game “The Last of Us” was given as a 30 minute playable demo on the exhibit floor. The demo ironically took place in a mostly destroyed