Private Policy

Dual Pixel’s private policy for is to alert viewers of their rights and how information about their interaction with is collected and shared. By law, we cannot use your information in any way other than stated in this private policy.

Your Information On Dual Pixels As A Social Gaming Network Platform
Dual Pixels at its base is a social network which allows you to share as much necessary information to communicate and keep relationships with other members across the network.

Users are allowed, on their personal profiles, to give their personal names or gamer (tag) name which will be displayed on their profile at all times. In addition to your name, you’re also given the option to post your (general) region/location of where you reside.

On your profile, you’re given basic text/html space to add as much information about yourself as you deem necessary, however avoid publishing the following information on your profile:

1. Personal/Mailing addresses – Avoid publishing your personal address to your profile. Information such as this should only be shared under your most considerate regard, and should never be public.

2. Credit Card Information/Social Security Numbers – Again, avoid publishing this information, or anyone’s information of this nature.

3. Explicit Personal Photos/Videos Or Content Of You Or Anyone Else – Personal content of yourself or anyone else such as videos or images published on our site should be deemed “safe for work” because it will be public for everyone who visits to see. If you publish any content that will draw (or is drawing) negative attention to your profile on please remove it immediately.

How Your Information Is Shared
General information about your interaction with is shared to ad networks in an anonymous nature. For example, information about your visit to Dual Pixels’ media page would be reported as: “a viewer visited Dual Pixels media page” rather than “Brandon Brown visited Dual Pixels media page”.

Dual Pixels uses cookie technology to improve your browsing experience and log you into your profile without constantly having to resubmit login information.

We will not sell any information that you publish on such as your name, email, or password.

Other Sites
Other websites linked to Dual Pixels via URL use of your information is completely under their jurisdiction. We cannot protect your information beyond

Protecting Your Information
Dual Pixels operates on the NING social network platform which protects and stores all information that exists on NING is a reliable host which will protect your information to the best of their ability.

In the case of a security breach involving Networks, we will alter users via broadcast message sent to their emails that they’ve used to sign up for

We are commit to protecting your information so users of can enjoy our site’s content and community risk free.

Any questions or comments regarding our private policy can be discussed with our staff.

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