Sony Introduces the PS5 Controller, DualSense

Sony has been deliberately slow in rolling out details for its latest Playstation iteration, aptly named, PS5. We received a deep dive with system architect Mark Cerny a couple weeks ago, but this was really only interesting to those that have interest or stock in ssd speeds (which, on the surface, seems revolutionary for the PS5) and other timings of the internals of PS5. While Microsoft revealed their tower and controller a few months ago, Sony has yet to really pull that punch, that is, until a random Tuesday. We finally got a look at the PS5 controller, DualSense.

With little lead up or previous fanfare, Sony unveiled the PS5 controller, named DualSense. Playstation controllers have largely kept the same look and feel throughout the console generations, albeit with added features and slight dimension changes along the way. Starting with a controller with no thumbsticks, to later sticks and rumble and better triggers and a lightbar, the DualSense seems to follow that trend…for the most part. 

Some new additions to the DualSense controller include:

    • Haptic Feedback. Seemingly a better way to make you feel what is happening in game vs just having the rumble support.
    • Adaptive Triggers. Sony states that developers will be able to better tune the triggers to certain tensions, as if you could actually feel like you are drawing back a bow string.
    • Change in angle of the hand triggers. It appears, while pretty hard to tell without a direct comparison, that the triggers are angled ever so slightly down, while being accompanied by noticeably thicker grips.
    • Updates to the grips. The grips appear to have more of a grip to them, vs the crosshatch-like pattern that is on the current PS4 controllers.
    • Removal of the Share Button. Although the share button still exists, it is now the “create” button. More details will be relayed to what we can expect this button to do (outside of sharing gameplay) closer to launch.
    • Built-in Microphone Array, as if console chats weren’t annoying enough. I kid. This will be nice for those times when you are just chilling with the squad and don’t feel like reaching for a headset. It is unclear currently if the headphone jack will still be a part of the controller as it was in PS4.

And for the most instantly noticeable change? The two-tone color. It is a drastic departure from the slick black pallet Sony usually utilizes. I am not really a fan of the color scheme, in fact, it kind of has a futuristic Detroit: Become Human vibe to it. Alas, I think it would fare a bit better if the colors were reversed. There is just something about that iconic Sony black. As much as the OG PS3 was a fingertip and dust magnet, it really exudes class.

So, where are we with PS5? PS5 Internals? Check (kind of). PS5 Controller? Check! What the PS5 actually looks like? Well, we might just have to wait for another random day for Sony to drop that info on us. 

Take a look at the Playstation’s blog post with more info here.

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