09 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Persona Q E3 Trailer

Here’s a look at the official E3 Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth for the Nintendo 3DS. Persona Q involves the cast from Previous Persona Titles and also gives your a new dungeon to explore, expect Persona Q This Fall. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned with Dual Pixels

26 Mar 2014

Conception II: Children of The Seven Stars | Preview

As gamers, we tend to stay on a somewhat rigid path as to what we play. If you enjoy anime art styles, you are most likely to play, or at least try games featuring that art style. As an art style is one of the game elements that most often

25 Feb 2014

Persona 5, and Persona Spinoffs Confirmed for North American Release

” I am thou. Thou art I. From the sea of our souls come new games in the Persona series. That’s right, the time has come for the Velvet Room to open once again, so dust off those Social Links and keep an eye out for blue butterflies – ATLUS‘ acclaimed Persona series

10 Jan 2014

New Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Trailer Released

Atlus has released a new Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth trailer featuring two new characters. Mitsuru from Persona 3 and Yosuke from Persona 4 join the cast in this dungeon crawling spin off of the Persona series. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is scheduled to release June 5th in

06 Jan 2014

New DayLight PS4 Trailer

Check out this new trailer coming from Atlus bringing survival horror back into action. In Daylight players will notice not everything is exactly how they left it, Daylight creates new levels randomly so not every playthrough is exactly the same. Daylight is set to release soon for the PC and

03 Dec 2013

Persona 5 Teaser Trailer!

Seems like December is the month of Persona. With the recent announcement of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, and the release of the new Persona 4 fighting game; you’d think Atlus was done blowing minds. Well theres one more announcement, and its a big one. Persona 5 is coming out

03 Dec 2013

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Screenshots and Trailer!

I for one can’t get enough of the Persona series, especially Persona 4. So I’m ecstatic to be getting another installment in the franchise. Especially since I will be able to bust a move, and feel the groove in Persona 4: Dancing All Night  Thanks for Sharing: Famitsu

19 Nov 2013

ATLUS and Spike Chunsoft Announce Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

When two game companies love each other very much, a magical thing happens. ATLUS and Spike Chunsoft didn’t use protection when localizing and publishing together and are now the proud parents of the turn-based RPGConception II: Children of the Seven Stars. Although this is the first game in the series localized into English, Conception

06 Nov 2013

Shin Megami Tensei IV and Dragon’s Crown on Sale!

Have you done all your chores? Is everything caught and all your badges earned? Well then you are in luck, because the cult hit RPG Shin Megami Tensei IV AND its DLC are on sale! For the next week, players can pick up a copy of the epic demon recruiting

20 Sep 2013

A Mercenary With Honor: Etrian Odyssey Untold’s Highlander Character Reveal

Time for another Etrian Odyssey Untold character reveal! Today we’re introducing the man, the myth, the legend — the Highlander. The Highlander is a mercenary with a strong code of honor who uses his spear to dispense justice to all who stand in the way of the mission. He is the

19 Sep 2013

Patch 1.02 Released! Patch Notes for Dragon’s Crown

HUZZZZZAH! Dragon’s Crown is not dead, and is still getting love from Atlus. Check out the fixes Atlus added to this amazing beat em up game!   Patch Notes [Bug Fixes] Improved gameplay stability [New Features] Added an option to join random online games in the Labyrinth of Chaos to

17 Sep 2013

Atlus Is Merging Into SEGA

Atlus, known for the popular Persona series will be merging into SEGA according to a report out of Nikkei, a Japanese media corporation. Atlus’s parent company, Index Corporation, is making steps towards transferring management of the Atlus subsidiarity to Sega Sammy (SEGA’s parent company). Prior to SEGA’s 14 billion yen (US$141