04 Sep 2018

‘This is Battlefield’ Trailer Shows You What Battlefield V is All About

EA and DICE have released a new trailer getting ready for their Battlefield V Beta. Showcasing what makes Battlefield the game to get this fall. This trailer also shows off the first look at Battlefield take at Battle Royale called Firestorm. DICE is going back to their roots with Battlefield

09 Feb 2016

Ubisoft Announces The Division Open Beta

Those who loved the small taste of The Division Ubisoft offered them a few weeks ago are just in luck. Ubisoft is letting the floodgates open as they just announced The Division Open Beta where everyone gets to play for free with no restrictions.  The open beta starts on the

17 Jul 2014

My First Hours with Swordsman

Swordsman Online is an MMORPG published by Perfect World Entertainment. My first experience with Perfect World Entertainment was Perfect World International. It was my favorite MMORPG at the time considering I played it on the Malaysian servers before the official Western English translation (Perfect World International) was released. This MMORPG

28 Apr 2014

New Destiny Gameplay Footage

Destiny made a huge splash at E3 2013 and has been relatively quiet since. But finally, Activision and Bungie have released over seven minutes of actual in-game footage. Judging by the button-prompts, the footage is from the PS4 build which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the majority of footage

17 Feb 2014

Titanfall Beta First Impressions

Titanfall of Duty? While I watched the E3 2013 reveal with great interest due to the asymmetrical nature of the combat and incredible mobility of those otherwise outgunned little army men I was not slavering at the mouth when the Titanfall beta was announced last week. I think that my

15 Feb 2014

Come One, Come All, Titanfall For Everyone

If you weren’t fortunate enough to snag a beta code for Respawn Entertainment’s new game, Titanfall, you are in luck! Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn, has just tweeted that they will be putting their servers through a “max stress test” and opening it up to all Xbox One users. PC