20 Jul 2017

Dark Horse To Release “The Crash Bandicoot Files” in March 2018

After a long spell of not having a Crash Bandicoot game, the N Sane Trilogy came crashing in as the #1 physical release worldwide in June. But, The Crash universe isn’t done yet! Dark Horse, who has created some outstanding art books in the past, will be releasing “The Crash

14 Sep 2016

Lady Killer 2 #2 | Review

Lady Killer creator, Joelle Jones, crafted the world in which a 50s-60s era “housewife” has a deadly secret. From a hit woman for hire, more or less, to her solo ventures, Josie’s world is full of murder, dark humor and tupperware parties. Setting the series in such a timeframe was

28 Jul 2016

Lady Killer 2 Interview with Joëlle Jones at SDCC 2016

San Diego Comic Con is the bastion of immense talent just spilling through all corners of the convention center, and we were given the chance to interview one of our favorite creative talents at the Con, Joëlle Jones. Joëlle is best known for her series published by Dark Horse, Ladykiller,

12 Feb 2016

Dark Horse Producing a Line of Witcher 3 Collectibles

Dark Horse, in association with CD Projekt Red, are producing a line of “premium” collectibles of characters from The Witcher 3. The line will start off with figures based on Geralt, Triss, and Ciri with figures based on Yennefer and Eredin to be available later. Currently, they are being planned

09 Oct 2013

NYCC 2013: Dark Horse Announces New York Comic Con Exclusives!

New York Comic Con, the largest pop culture event on the Eastern Seaboard, is right around the corner, and Dark Horse is bringing you the latest and greatest in exclusive comics and Dark Horse Deluxe products! The Star Wars #1 NYCC 2013 Exclusive (Limited Edition of 1,000) Before Star Wars, there was The