18 Sep 2014

Deep Down Takes You For a Ride | TGS 2014

Capcom shows off Deep Down in this new trailer coming at you straight from Tokyo Game Show. In this latest trailer you get to see more action as you navigate the world of Deep Down, also new equipment and enemies get shown off in this preview. Enjoy and stay tuned

21 Feb 2014

New Deep Down Trailer Released To Commemorate Ps4 Launch In Japan

The Playstation 4 is finally out in Japan, and Capcom treated us with a new trailer containing some gameplay footage from its free to play title, Deep Down. At this moment the game isn’t slated to come to the West, but the trailer does feature an English VoiceOver. This leads

10 Jan 2014

New Monster Shown in Deep Down

Capcom has released a new screenshot showing off a new monster type featured in Deep Down, their massive online multiplayer game for the PS4. The enemy shown is a Spider and could in fact be a boss  you will encounter as you travel deeper, no other details have been revealed

06 Jan 2014

PS4’s Deep Down Gets New Screenshots & Details

Capcom released a couple new screenshots for the PS4 RPG Deep Down which explores the Dungeons of a futuristic (2094 to be exact) New York City. A couple enemy types were revealed with the publication of these screens including the Jackie and the Pooriiz. The Jackie is a creature remenicent

19 Sep 2013

Deep Down Extended Trailer – TGS 2013

Capcom has decided to give us a little more gameplay and details in this trailer coming straight off Tokyo Game Show, also notable will be that this trailer is in english and shows off the beautiful engine Capcom has created all running on the Playstation 4 in real time. Check

12 Sep 2013

New Screenshots For PS4’s Deep Down

Capcom is bringing their online action game Deep Down to Japan next year, but we can’t stop foaming at the mouth over here in the West. Sony’s TGS press briefing gave us an extended look at the title, with gameplay footage and details for the first time since February’s formal

09 Sep 2013

First Gameplay Trailer of Deep Down PS4

Here is the very first gameplay video of Capcom’s newest Playstation 4 title Deep Down. Deep Down was revealed earlier this year, it featured very realistic graphics and many thought it was not possible on next gen consoles. Well Capcom has proved them wrong, by releasing real time gameplay footage

21 Feb 2013

Deep Down | The Game With The Really Big Dragon!

Well if you were watching Sony’s Press conference you probably know what I am already talking about from the title alone. I wasn’t able to catch the entire conference, but the minute I tuned in I was greeted by a big fiery dragon. Needles to say I was completely blown away