30 Aug 2018

Battlefield V Delayed

Ea has announced that their big fall title Battlefield V will be getting delayed. Fans shouldn’t worry as DICE the developers of Battlefield had reassured that they have been listening to all the feedback. They have been getting and will make changes to improve and give players more options here

26 Mar 2014

DriveClub Game Director Leaves Evolution Studios

DriveClub, Playstation 4’s troubled exclusive racer has lost it’s game director. Col Rodgers has said that he left Evolution Studios for personal reasons, and is still on good terms with Sony but his departure is a scary indicator that DriveClub could be destined for more than just a return to

08 Oct 2012

Rayman Legends Delayed

Another one bites the dust this time its Rayman Legends, Ubisoft has stated in an  interview with The VideoGamer saying that they want to make sure Rayman Legends lives up to the expectations  and exceeds them. Rayman Legends was scheduled to release on the Wii-U on Nov 30th but now