Bungie and Activision Split
10 Jan 2019

Bungie and Activision Split With Bungie Keeping Publishing Rights to Destiny

Well here’s news out of left field. Juggernaut video game publisher Activision and Halo & Destiny creators Bungie have split. The partnership, starting in 2010, saw one of the videogame darling companies, I mean, they did create Halo after all, go to one of the largest publishers in gaming in

06 Dec 2014

Destiny’s PlayStation Exclusive The Dark Below Trailer

The 4th Horseman — that’s the latest exotic PlayStation exclusive weapons you’ll be obtaining in Destiny’s 1st expansion The Dark Below. Destiny’s The Dark Below includes a new raid in addition to an extension to The Vault of Glass featuring an enemy called The Undying Mind. Check out the trailer

17 Sep 2014

Destiny, A Microcosm Of What Could Be | Review

In a vast universe that is teeming with possibilities of exploration and adventure, Destiny delivers intensely competitive action sequences for coop and PvP play, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that the best is yet to come. The Set-up The Universe, once in a Golden Age of Advancement, has

10 Sep 2014

Destiny Breaks $500 Million In Sales In 1 Day

Destiny, Bungie’s new IP, published by Activision is set to be yet another billion dollar franchise in their financial ecosystem. Activision is ecstatic about data from only one day on the market that shows the Bungie shooter has generated over $500 million in sales. That staggering figure is absolutely unheard

04 Sep 2014

Destiny Live-Action Launch Trailer

After what has felt like an eternity between the beta and its release, Destiny is finally within a week of release and Bungie has a live-action trailer in tow. Check out the trailer below. At Dual Pixels we will be doing a ‘dual’ review amongst at least three reviewers. We

21 Aug 2014

Get Hyped With The Destiny Launch Trailer

Destiny is just a few weeks away and Bungie has just released the launch trailer for the game. Similar to all other media of Destiny, this trailer only makes the wait feel that much longer. Check out the reveal trailer below. If you’ve managed to miss all the coverage of

18 Aug 2014

Venus Revealed In Newest Destiny Trailer

The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means two things: a ton of big games are about to be released and there are about to be a bunch of very sad wallets. Although the biggest games are releasing between October and November, Bungie is leading the onslaught of games

12 Aug 2014

Gamescom 2014: Destiny Multiplayer Modes Revealed

As we are all still having withdrawals after the Destiny Beta, Bungie revealed a handful of new game modes for its multiplayer, The Crucible. The variation in game modes should keep The Crucible fresh for quite some time. Check out the reveal below and look at for a review once

07 Jul 2014

Bungie Opens the Sky With Beta News For Destiny

After the wildly popular alpha of Destiny a couple months ago, the only thing we wanted was more and we don’t have to wait much longer. The beta will be available for those that pre-order the game at participating retailers. The PS4 community will have first crack at the beta,

09 Jun 2014

E3 2014: PS4 Goes All-White In Destiny Bundle

PS4 will be getting it’s first all-white SKU when Destiny launches September 9th. The all-white PS4 x Destiny bundle includes all the essentials; yes, a white Dualshock 4 and even a 30 day trial of PS+.

09 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Destiny PS4 Beta Begins July 17th, Alpha This Weekend!

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment began Sony’s E3 with the PlayStation backed Destiny IP from Bungie. Fresh out of the conference, PS4 owners will be playing Destiny as early as this weekend, Friday June 13th in Alpha form with the full beta going live July 17th.

05 May 2014

The Weapons And Armor Of Destiny

It appears that Activision and Bungie are beginning their media blitz leading into E3 with their newest Dev Diary on the Playstation Blog titled, Armor, Weapons, Loot. As the title suggests, this new dev diary is all about the weapons and armor you will be obtaining through defeating enemies in