THE BLACKLIST -- "The Artax Network" Episode 320 -- Pictured: (l-r) Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai, Mozhan Marno as Samar Novabi, Susan Blommaert as Mr. Kaplan, Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen, Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler, Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper  -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC) 85%
01 May 2016

Goodbyes | The Blacklist “The Artax Network” Review

The Blacklist delivered a sad and yet surprising episode with “The Artax Network.” The funeral for Elizabeth Keen was heartbreaking. Red revealed a secret in this episode, and Aram started to crack the case on the people responsible for Liz’s death. It seems increasingly unlikely that Liz has faked her

Photo from the episode "Cape May" 90%
25 Apr 2016

Regrets | The Blacklist “Cape May” Review

It’s clear in “Cape May” that after Elizabeth Keen’s death, Raymond Reddington is an absolute wreck. He is seen sleeping in a safe place but is ushered out by the owner for overstaying his welcome. Red has never been seen as this disheveled. Without Liz, Red seems to have lost

Photo from the episode "Mr. Solomon: The Conclusion" 85%
20 Apr 2016

Introducing Agnus | The Blacklist “Mr Solomon Conclusion” Review

The Blacklist previewed this episode as the one not to miss. The latest episode, “Mr Solomon Conclusion,” brought some heartbreak and many more questions to be answered. We have yet to know who is pulling the strings behind Mr Solomon and his well armed crew, but we did get a

Photo from the episode "Mr. Solomon" 85%
09 Apr 2016

Shotgun Wedding | The Blacklist “Mr. Solomon” Review

The Blacklist is back, and Mr. Solomon is finally an official blacklister. Liz and Tom plan to get married with only a month before their baby is born. Meanwhile, Raymond Reddington is not happy about the nuptials and tries to keep them apart. It’s an action packed episode that promises

Photo from the episode "The Archivist" 90%
28 Feb 2016

Take it to the Grave | The Blacklist “The Caretaker” Review

Now’s the time to get caught up on The Blacklist. With the next episode not airing until April 7th, there’s plenty of time to catch up. This week, the FBI task force took on a blacklister known as “The Caretaker.” The Caretaker is a secret keeper. He maintains an impenetrable

Photo from the episode "Drexel" 85%
22 Feb 2016

Unlimited Access | The Blacklist “Drexel” Review

There were plenty of moving parts this week on The Blacklist. “Drexel” proved to be a worthy adversary on the blacklist. With Tom fighting for his life, Liz has a lot to think about, especially when the police become involved. The case of the week falls into the FBI’s lap

Photo from the episode "Lady Ambrosia" 90%
15 Feb 2016

Butterfly | The Blacklist “Lady Ambrosia” Review

The Blacklist brought nightmares to life with “Lady Ambrosia.” Raymond Reddington brings a new case to the FBI about a woman who lives in the woods. She takes in unwanted children and gives them a home. The case was brought to the FBI after a child was found on the

Photo from the episode "Alistair Pitt" 75%
06 Feb 2016

Mob Wedding | The Blacklist “Alistair Pitt” Review

It’s a week of mergers on The Blacklist, and “Alistair Pitt” is here to arrange the impossible. We start the episode with a shootout in a restaurant. One mobster killed another in a rival family, and all hell is about to break loose. In comes Alistair Pitt to save the

Photo from the episode "The Vehm" 85%
31 Jan 2016

Monsters Hunting Monsters | The Blacklist “The Vehm” Review

The Blacklist brought a brutal cult to the FBI in “The Vehm.” Liz and Tom have discussions about their baby and the future, and Red is definitely concerned that a baby may not be the best thing right now. But, crime doesn’t stop, and the FBI task force has a

Photo from the episode "Mr. Gregory Devry" 90%
23 Jan 2016

Master of Deception | The Blacklist “Mr. Gregory Devry” Review

The Blacklist delivered another surprising episode in “Mr. Gregory Devry.” From the preview scenes for this episode, we learn that a man claiming to be the true Raymond Reddington has been caught by the FBI. Who is this guy, and why is he claiming to be Red? Is it possible

Photo from the episode "The Director, Conclusion" 100%
17 Jan 2016

No Way Out | The Blacklist “The Director: Conclusion” Review

The Blacklist finally concluded Liz’s battle against the Cabal with “The Director: Conclusion.” Raymond Reddington has started to assemble his team with Mr. Kaplan. He brings in Harold Cooper, Aram, Samar, Dembe, and Marvin Gerard. Now, they are ready to take down the Director and free Elizabeth Keen. Red is

Photo from the episode "The Director, Part 1" 85%
10 Jan 2016

Survive | The Blacklist “The Director” Review

James Spader and The Blacklist return with “The Director,” easily one of the most highly anticipated episodes yet. Elizabeth Keen has been taken into FBI custody, but the Director and the rest of The Cabal are not far behind. Will Reddington and what little friends she has left be enough