23 Feb 2016

More Blood-filled fun | Dying Light: The Following Review

When it comes to expansions, I’m always hesitant to pull the trigger. With season passes, expansions and DLC packs flooding news feeds, email inboxes and the gaming blogosphere, the idea of worth always comes into play. After shelling out $60 for a new release title, is it worth it to

31 Mar 2015

Dying Light Making April Fun Not Fools

April Fool’s Day is one part funny and two parts aggravating. Sure, we will get those quirky fake reveals that are instantly obvious and simply provide a nice laugh on a Wednesday, but we also go those reveals that we want to believe. Our spirits will be temporarily lifted with

03 Feb 2015

Dual Review | Dying Light

In every form of media, the dead are indeed taking over, with varying degrees of success. Techland has set out to make a better open world zombie game than their original offering, Dead Island. The games, while looking quite similar at first glance, play quite a bit differently to one

26 Jan 2015

Dying Light Launch Trailer Released

Techland’s latest zombie game, Dying Light, has been given its launch trailer with the game having a digital PC worldwide release tomorrow, Jan 27, 2015. The digital copies and physical copies for North and South America will also arrive on Jan 27, 2015. Digital copies for the following countries; UK,

22 Jan 2015

Ghoulish New Dying Light Gameplay Trailer!

Check out the new Dying Light gameplay trailer below featuring zombie survival methods. Dying Light is crawling its way to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on January 27th in North America.

13 Jan 2015

Dying Light Getting A Novel By Raymond Benson

Often times, video games are exclusive to the medium in which they are created. Rarely do we get TV shows or movies based off of our most beloved franchises, and when we do they are usually dreadful adaptations. But more and more popular IP’s are getting the novelization treatment, and

09 Jan 2015

Dying Light Inspired Parkour Live-Action Trailer by Ampisound

There’s nothing more terrifying than being chased by zombies, but the folks over at at Ampisound make it look terrifyingly awesome. Check out their Dying Light inspired parkour video below. Dying Light, Techland’s Dead Island meets Mirror’s Edge zombie game, is set to release on January 27, 2015 on PS4,

03 Dec 2014

Dying Light Season Pass Detailed

Whether you like them or not, season passes are here to stay and Techland has just revealed what’s in store for those snagging the Dying Light Season Pass. Check out those details below as per their press release: Cuisine & Cargo – Available first for Season Pass holders, these two

11 Sep 2014

Dying Light Jumping Up To A January Release

Dying Light, the first-person parkour-zombie survival game by Techland, is set to grace our consoles (and PC) on January 27. This news comes as a surprise, considering the last we heard was that there was a delay until some time in February 2015. Dying Light is differentiating itself from other

17 Aug 2014

Gamescom 2014: An Interview with Dying Light’s Maciej Binkowski

After my hands on with Dying Light’s intense coop demo at Gamescom I was able to have a brief chat with Maciej Binkowski, the lead game designer on the title. Read on for his insights into the game’s development, why programming AI to replicate a human player is such a

14 Aug 2014

Gamescom 2014: Hands on with Dying Light

I didn’t quite know what to expect from Dying Light after stepping through the doors of the WB Booth. I’d seen a few trailers that outlined how it was approaching the first person open world zombie game, and knew it was created by the same team as the first Dead

14 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Dying Light Hands-On Impressions

As of recent years, zombie games have been resurrected and quickly put death with a dearth of games. Seemingly coming out monthly, they provide the zombie-killing brutality but with a severe lack of progression. But, after having played Dying Light, it’s safe to say that while you still have that