05 Aug 2014

Evolve Is The Latest Title To Jump Ship From October

The mass exodus seems to be continuing for October releases. First it was The Witcher 3, then Battlefield: Hardline, now the coop monster shooter, Evolve, has just been added to the list. Take-Two just released its financial results, which includes a list of scheduled releases, and Evolve has mysteriously dropped

09 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Evolve Exclusive DLC Only on Xbox One

Over at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Microsoft has revealed that Evolve the online co-op monster hunting FPS will be getting exclusive DLC only on Xbox One and gamers can expect a Evolve Beta which is coming soon to the Xbox One, we will have more details as they emerge

11 Feb 2014

Behold the First Trailer for Evolve: Left 4 Dead Meets Predator

You may have seen the Game Informer cover story, but this trailer is our first opportunity to soak in the atmosphere of Turtle Rock Studios’ next game. Left 4 Dead was such an enjoyable experience primarily because of the desperate teamwork that was required between each of the four players

07 Jan 2014

Evolve – The Creators of Left 4 Dead Rise With Their Newest Title

Turtle Rock Studios is one of the most respected game developers from the last generation is returning this Fall to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with their new IP Evolve. 2K Games now stands behind Turtle Rock for Evolve as they acquired the IP for JUST $10.8 million in