04 Jun 2015

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Leaked?

There’s a mysterious banner on the Playstation Store app for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. It’s safe to assume that, if this is indeed legitimate, that we are getting a remaster of those titles on the PS4. The banner lists the previous three titles in the series, Drake’s Fortune, Among

19 May 2015

God War III Remastered Kratos vs Hades Boss Battle

Remaster time! Remasters are easily the biggest trend of this generation, and God of War 3 is stepping in line. Although admittedly catching us off guard at its reveal, the 1080p60fps footage does look sublime. It’s a shame, though, we are only getting a remaster of the single title. It

17 Apr 2015

Godzilla Release Date and Details

The only monster battles we’ve had this gen, and last if I recall, has been Evolve. Sure, great monsters, but there’s nothing like some monster versus monster gameplay. And Bandai Namco is bringing that back in a big, big way. What better way to harken back to the past gens

20 Feb 2015

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Trailer

Monokuma is back in the Vita exclusive, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. While the game is the latest in the Danganronpa series, this is the first time player’s will be able to play as two heroines, Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa. And may the trailer below, “Infect everyone with

12 Feb 2015

Toukiden: Kiwami Info Blowout

Koei Tecmo has just released a slew of new information on their next entry in the Toukiden series, Toukiden: Kiwami. Toukiden: Kiwami starts three months after the previous game and sees upgrades in every aspect. Plenty of new characters, new weapons and an increased number of Mitamas, from 200 to

06 Dec 2014

Until Dawn Trailer | PSX 2014

Until Dawn is quite a unique game, between its reveal for the PS3 and its time in dev limbo, the game has taken us for quite a ride. But finally, we’ve been given more details on how things are going to play out and a nice gameplay segment. Featuring a

06 Dec 2014

MLB 15 The Show Trailer | PSX 2014

As the winter months approach, the folks over at Sony San Diego are in knee deep in a new season of the greatest, and only baseball sim out, MLB 15 The Show. It has just been revealed that The Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig is the cover athlete. While every single cover

11 Oct 2014

“Powers” First Trailer Revealed | NYCC 2014

Powers, Sony’s first foray in original video content free for Playstation+ subscribers, was just given its first trailer. Powers is a criminal detective show that goes through the story of two detectives solvings cases that revolve around supernatural powers. The series is being produced by Brian Bendis, the creator of

18 Sep 2014

Bloodborne Trailer, Release Date and CE Revealed | TGS 2014

TGS is well underway and we have some exciting details to share with you about Bloodborne. Bloodborne, Japan Studio and From Software’s latest action-rpg in the vein of The Souls’ Series, is heavily featured at this years show. Not only was a trailer released, which you can see below, but

04 Sep 2014

Stylized Action At Its Finest | Bayonetta 2 Trailer

As we slide into the stacked months of game releases, we mustn’t forget that the Wii U does indeed have quite the lineup with Bayonetta 2 being a noteworthy release. Platinum Games’ Bayonetta introduced gamers to the wonderful world of Vigrid and had us hacking and slashing through enemies in

12 Aug 2014

Gamescom 2014: PS4 Exclusive ‘Rime’ Announced

Sony just released a new trailer for Rime, the beautifully enchanting, yet hauntingly lonely new game from Tequila Works. Rime is such a unique game, as it is draws strongly from games such as Wind Waker, when it comes to art style. It’s unique, partially cel shaded aesthetic commands your

14 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive Hands-On Impressions

Every studio has a calling card, and Insomniac has one of the most beloved of them all. When you think of Insomniac, the first thing that should come to mind is crazy weaponry. Throughout the Ratchet and Clank Series, and through the Resistance series as well, the weapons have always