03 Aug 2015

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition to Come With All Four Gears Games

Microsoft announced today that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is going to come with a few more bonuses. Players who login to Xbox Live between August 25th, and December 31, 2015 will have access to all four Gears of War titles through the recently announced Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. Now,

07 Mar 2013

Gears of War Judgement Launch Trailer

Those of you who have been waiting the time has come! Microsoft has just launched a new Gears of War Judgement Trailer, which releases March 18th. Check out the video after the jump.

19 Feb 2013

Leaked Footage Of Gears Of War Judgement Hits Net

Gears of War: Judgement just leaked to the net a couple hours ago but that hasn’t stopped people from playing the game which releases in about a  month from now. A YouTube user has uploaded footage of the game which has seemingly been hacked allowing the user to run in

19 Feb 2013

Gears Of War: Judgement Leaks A Month Early

Gears of War: Judgement has leaked to the internet despite releasing in over a month’s time. Microsoft is in damage control after recently the Durango leaker gave seemingly accurate docs about the next generation Xbox to Kotaku; and now torrent sites are being hoarded for the leaked copy of Gears