23 Jan 2016

Master of Deception | The Blacklist “Mr. Gregory Devry” Review

The Blacklist delivered another surprising episode in “Mr. Gregory Devry.” From the preview scenes for this episode, we learn that a man claiming to be the true Raymond Reddington has been caught by the FBI. Who is this guy, and why is he claiming to be Red? Is it possible

17 Jan 2016

No Way Out | The Blacklist “The Director: Conclusion” Review

The Blacklist finally concluded Liz’s battle against the Cabal with “The Director: Conclusion.” Raymond Reddington has started to assemble his team with Mr. Kaplan. He brings in Harold Cooper, Aram, Samar, Dembe, and Marvin Gerard. Now, they are ready to take down the Director and free Elizabeth Keen. Red is

10 Jan 2016

Survive | The Blacklist “The Director” Review

James Spader and The Blacklist return with “The Director,” easily one of the most highly anticipated episodes yet. Elizabeth Keen has been taken into FBI custody, but the Director and the rest of The Cabal are not far behind. Will Reddington and what little friends she has left be enough

23 Nov 2015

Wrong Cookie Jar | The Blacklist “Kings of the Highway” Review

Well, it’s that time of year again: fall finale time. The Blacklist’s fall finale, “Kings of the Highway,” was full of twists and turns. Although we didn’t completely get to clear Liz’s name, it seems that we are getting much closer. Karakurt is still in play, and Red has a

13 Nov 2015

Brothers | The Blacklist “Zal Bin Hasaan” Review

This week, The Blacklist brought more emotion to an always intriguing character, Samar Navabi, with “Zal Bin Hasaan.” The introduction scene showed two young children in Tehran, Iran. When they were children, Samar and her brother, Shahin, lived through a small massacre in their house. Their parents were murdered for

23 Oct 2015

Fantasies | The Blacklist “The Djinn” Review

This week, the Blacklist delivered a very interesting criminal in “The Djinn.” Red and Liz actually enlist the help of the FBI to track down the Djinn and end up going to Aram’s apartment for his help. Red tells Aram about the Djinn saying, “They say she can make any