03 Aug 2015

Late To The Party| Hatred Review

The world, games included, is seeing a huge shift in how we view things, which undoubtedly is a great thing. Diversity is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and we are actively trying to fight stereotypes which have been engrained within our society for millennia. Having said that, videos games

04 Jul 2015

Dual Pixels Radio #3: The Knights Return

What’s up everybody? We’re back with another episode of Dual Pixels Radio. In this episode we talk about the good and bad sides of gaming as we talk about how outstanding The Witcher 3 is, the uneven launch of Arkham Knight and the overall release of Hatred. We also dabble

23 Jun 2015

‘Hatred’ Q & A

The folks over at Destructive Creations were kind enough to answer a few questions about their recently released title, Hatred. Check out the Q & A below, and look for a review of Hatred early next week. Big thanks to Destructive Creations. 1)How did the idea of creating Hatred come about?

29 Jan 2015

Hatred Pre-orders Up and New Gameplay Revealed

Whether you hate it or not, Destructive Creation’s Hatred is up for preorder, and there are two editions from which to choose. Hatred’s reveal a couple months ago stirred up the age-old discussion of what should and shouldn’t be in video games. When is something going too far? To what

17 Dec 2014

Hatred Pulled From Greenlight One Day Restored The Next

Controversy and video games often go hand in hand, and Hatred is the latest game to cross the proverbial line. Solely from its trailers on the Steam Greenlight page and its reveal trailer, it appears that Hatred is a “murder simulator.” This moniker given mainly due to its apparent lack