04 Nov 2016

Katana | Legends of Tomorrow “Shogun” Review

No matter my thoughts on the show overall, one thing that I absolutely love that Legends of Tomorrow does is visit vastly different time periods in just about every episode, and we get one of the best yet this week in “Shogun.” There is just an air of magnificence with

30 Oct 2016

Steel, 1942 | Legends of Tomorrow “The Justice Society of America” Review

Legends of Tomorrow is one of the more difficult superhero shows to pull off, if not solely for the fact that the cast of “main”characters is so large, such that it is nearly impossible to give everyone ample time for solid character development. This season seemingly conflates that issue by

19 Oct 2016

Atomic | Legends of Tomorrow “ Out of Time” Review

The last of the main-line CW DC shows has rounded out with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s premiere episode, “Out of Time.” Of all the shows on the CW from last season, Legends was one of the more inconsistent series but also one of the most fun. Sure, it can become

23 May 2016

Justice | Legends of Tomorrow “Legendary” Review

The lead up to Legends of Tomorrow has been a bit rocky, but overall, the show has been a nice change of pace to what we’ve come to know of The Flash and Arrow. Legends has always had the challenge of giving enough time to their group of characters, and