27 Mar 2014

Fulgore Revealed In Killer Instinct Trailer Inside

Here comes the last character in Killer Instinct Season 1 updates for the Xbox One. Fulgore returns in Killer Instincts, true to his original design with some tweaks added. Also coming to you with Fulgore update will be arcade mode and lobby system for online. Check out Fulgores full move

06 Nov 2013

Microsoft Thanking Dedicated Fans With Free Killer Instinct

Microsoft giving thanks to its most dedicated fans, who have been with the Xbox brand for years. They are receiving a free copy of the entire first season of Killer Instincts which features 8 Characters and will be available on Xbox Live at launch. Fans are selected by Gamerscore and

20 Aug 2013

Killer Instinct Pricing Revealed

Microsoft has announced the initial pricing for Killer Instincts over at Gamescom event in Germany. Killer Instincts will be a launch title for the Xbox One  and will be available for free digitally on the Xbox One store, it will feature one free character, additional characters will cost $4.99 /

10 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Killer Instincts Returns On Xbox One + Trailer

For years Microsoft has been sitting on the Killer Instincts IP but now they have finally revealed it. It will be arriving on the Xbox One and Rare will be developing it, with all your favorites returning from the original. No actual release date was hinted at but it is