12 Feb 2014

A Look Back: Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective

The first in our series of Retrospectives we look back at Square Enix Final Fantasy XIII. Starting back from the first game all the way to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which will be releasing this month. Check out the video below to refresh your self on Lightnings adventure and

07 Jan 2014

Lightning Returns: A Look Inside Square Enix

Square Enix has released a new developers diary video and it gives us more information about Lightning Returns new gameplay mechanic the Doomsday Clock. It goes a bit more into detail regarding the Doomsday Clock and how it effects the world in Lightning Returns. Check out the video below and

11 Nov 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII “Which Do You Want To Wear” Trailer

Square Enix is showing off the different outfits for Lightning to wear, for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The new trailers titled “Which Do You Want To Wear” feature a look into the play styles of each outfit. In the initial trailer you can choose which outfit you

28 Oct 2013

Fang Returns In New Lightning Returns: FFXIII Screenshots

Lighting Returns, you return, I return, Fang returns! One of my favorite, if not favorite Final Fantasy XIII characters has returned to the plot after her unsought early conclusion in the original Final Fantasy XIII. Fang, although it looks like she hasn’t changed her clothes since then, looks awesome! (Spoilers)

14 Oct 2013

Lightning Returns, Wildlands And Chocobo Eater Footage

Square Enix has done a walkthrough of the footage we played recently showing “Wildlands” as well as Lightning’s battle with the Chocobo eater. You can just taste the customization you’ve been craving for so long. It also plays very well. For our full hands-on impressions check out this link.

14 Oct 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Shows Series Leap | Preview

A few days ago Square Enix invited us to preview a brand new build of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII; the series has been rough so far but I’m optimistic about the future. The first XIII, was far from satisfactory and I couldn’t fathom it getting worse; instead of a

24 Sep 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Opening Cinematic

As if we couldn’t get enough of our girl Lightning! Square has released the first five minutes to the  3rd Final Fantasy XIII installment, FFXIII Lightning Returns. The brief clip showed off returning cast member Snow and of our heroine Lightning getting into unexpected confrontation!

09 Aug 2013

Lightning Returns Two New Costumes Revealed

Lightning has to have the most wardrobe compared to every other video game character, 2 new costumes have been revealed for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. By ordering the game through HMV and Lawson in Japan you get 2 new weapon types with the 2 new costumes. The First costume

18 Jul 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 13 Days Trailer

A new trailer arrives, showing off Lightning’s new costume changing mechanics which give her new abilities and strategies on how she takes on the battle. Check out the Trailer below and look out for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII when it ships February 11th on PS3 and Xbox 360.