21 Apr 2014

Magellan Releases RoadMate DashCam GPS Navigator

Magellan is cooperating with our vehicles again to help provide convenience and safety now with their RoadMate DashCam GPS Navigator. That’s right, it’s a dashboard camera and GPS at your fingertips. Recently in the media, we’ve seen such ridiculous incidences not only with irresponsible drivers but crooked law enforcement who

27 Mar 2014

Magellan’s SmartGPS 5390 Brings The Cloud To Car Navigation

Today Magellan announced their latest product the SmartGPS 5390 that’s changing the road with the power of the cloud. Behind the 5″ SmartGPS 5390, Magellan has developed a cloud connected ecosystem between your Android/iOS smartphones, Computer, tablets, and the SmartGPS itself. Magellan’s main attraction here is the price-point of their