02 Apr 2015

Nintendo Direct: amiibo!

The latest Nintendo Direct was chock full of information, and those waiting for more information on amiibo should be pleased. Not only was another wave announced, we also get a slew of new amiibo, can play some classic Nintendo titles with them and amiibo cards were officially revealed. Check out

01 May 2014

Buy Mario Kart 8 Get A Free Game

With recent news coming from the Mario Kart Direct. Nintendo has a surprise for Wii U owners buying Mario Kart 8 on May 30th, Nintendo has decided to give you a free game for the Wii U, for either retail or e-shop purchase. You get to choose from a few

23 Apr 2014

Rumor: Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle Coming Soon, TBA Tomorrow?

Rumor has it Mario Kart 8 will be getting a Wii U bundle and it could be announced as early as tomorrow. A YouTuber by the name Nintendomination seemingly has a track record for nailing Nintendo rumors, he revealed this tidbit today as he’s been informed by real aliens. I think

03 Apr 2014

Rainbow Road 64 Returns In Mario Kart 8! Trailer Inside!

The Rainbow Road 64 returns in this latest trailer released by Nintendo. Besides the Rainbow Road 64 making a come back The Royal Raceway, Moo Moo Meadows, Donuts Plain 3, and Toad Turnpike also return. But that’s not all two new items are introduced the Boomerang and Pirahna Plants, also