02 Apr 2015

Nintendo Direct: Wii U Roundup

– Mario Maker For September Our dreams of finally creating a Mario level will arrive in September. Exclusively for Wii U, the title allows you to switch between three different eras of Mario and the ability to share your levels online with others. – Splatoon Lays Down Ink on May

10 Feb 2015

Mario drops The Mic In New Taylor Swift Collab

With the Grammy’s just ending, we were given the typical hub hub. Taylor Swift was gorgeous as usual, Kanye had his red turtle shell aimed directly at Beck and…Wait, red turtle shell? Luckily Taylor Swift was able to dodge that bullet and, while she didn’t win Album Of The Year,

03 Jan 2015

A Year in Nintendo Land

The mood in the Nintendo office in the incipient stages of 2014 was a morbid one. A kind of stoic acquiescence, an acceptance of economic collapse drifted between desks like phantasmic tumbleweeds. The critics were fashioning sticks of ridicule and bombast with which they hoped to flail the corpse of

28 Oct 2014

First DLC Confirmed For Mario Kart 8 And It’s Exciting

As if playing Mario Kart 8 wasn’t nostalgic enough, the first DLC will surely bring back those childhood memories like never before. One track revealed for the first DLC pack is none other than the Excitebike course. You heard that right, you no longer have to dust off that NES

01 May 2014

Buy Mario Kart 8 Get A Free Game

With recent news coming from the Mario Kart Direct. Nintendo has a surprise for Wii U owners buying Mario Kart 8 on May 30th, Nintendo has decided to give you a free game for the Wii U, for either retail or e-shop purchase. You get to choose from a few