29 Oct 2015

New Nier: Automata 60 fps Gameplay Video

Here’s another look at Nier: Automata which is the direct sequel to Nier. Nier Automata is being developed by Platinum Games this time around and will be running at 60 FPS. Check out the video and expect Nier: Automata sometime next year on the Playstation 4.

17 Jun 2015

E3 2015: ‘Nier New Project’ Revealed

If there’s ever a game that 100 percent deserves the “cult status” moniker, it ‘s certainly Nier. The title had middling reviews from critics, but the fans generally loved it. And with¬†Platinum Games taking over the follow-up, the combat is sure to get some nice attention.¬†Tentatively titled, Nier: New project,