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30 Mar 2016

Time Wraith | The Flash “Flash Back” Review

As if this show couldn’t possibly get any better, we get the latest episode, “Flash Back.” This episode, like no other, was able to balance the ridiculous action pieces with some strong characterization that made us actually care about the emotions swimming to the surface. As the title suggests, this

TheFlashCrazyForYou 80%
04 Feb 2015

Spooky Action | The Flash “Crazy For You” Review

The latest episode of The Flash, “Crazy For You,” was another solid episode, but you could easily tell that it was more of a setup episode for the rest of the season. The Flash has generally done a great job of having strong characters each episode, while still giving us

TheFlashEp11 85%
28 Jan 2015

Checkmate| The Flash “The Sound and The Fury” Review

The Flash has delivered some strong episodes, many of which revolved around The Flash learning to hone in his abilities. This episode was especially great because it focused on the periphery characters of the show, namely the crew at S.T.A.R. Labs. In this episode, we finally get some backstory with