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09 Jun 2018

Dual Pixels Radio #26: Pre E3 Spectacular

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! No. It’s not Christmas. It’s E3! Joey, Jose and Rob delve deep into each publisher’s rumored (or wished for) offerings. As it has in the entire gaming industry, Battle Royale permeated throughout every aspect of the show. Sit back and listen to what we

08 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Top 10 Most Memorable E3 Moments

At Sony’s E3 2009 Conference they revealed Final Fantasy XIV and said it will be coming exclusively to the Playstation 3. One problem though, everyone was shocked and surprised since Final Fantasy XIII hadn’t even been released, why would they announce the next game? The hits kept on coming when we

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13 May 2014

Microsoft Shaking Up The Next-Gen Race Pre-E3 With A $399 Xbox One

After viewing Microsoft’s reveal event last year, it’s fair to say it left many uncertain with the shaky reveal: a hundred dollars more than the competition, forced Kinect integration and, most begrudgingly, a DRM-heavy piece of hardware. As the weeks from the reveal went by, Microsoft started changing its stance.