24 Sep 2013

Soul Sacrifice Delta TGS 2013 Trailer

Soul Sacrifice had a lot of potential when it was released, but lacked in certain areas. The option to choose wether to Sacrifice or Save NPC’s really felt like it carried no weight. With the addition of a new faction called Grima you can now choose to do nothing when place

19 Sep 2013

Team Gravity New Project, Gravity Rush 2 Teaser Trailer

In this new teaser trailer released by Team Gravity, we see the gravity defying heroine Kat from Gravity Rush, twerking through the air. Is this the sequel Gravity Rush? damn sure looks like it!

19 Sep 2013

Patch 1.02 Released! Patch Notes for Dragon’s Crown

HUZZZZZAH! Dragon’s Crown is not dead, and is still getting love from Atlus. Check out the fixes Atlus added to this amazing beat em up game!   Patch Notes [Bug Fixes] Improved gameplay stability [New Features] Added an option to join random online games in the Labyrinth of Chaos to

09 Sep 2013

Phantasy Star Nova Announced for PS Vita

Sega has announced a new Phantasy Star titled Phantasy Star Nova at Sony Japan Conference earlier today. Sega also revealed a few details including that Tri-Ace developers of Star Ocean, are making the title. Also Phantasy Star Nova is a offline story sharing the same universe of Phantasy Star Online

09 Sep 2013

PS VITA TV Announced

PS VITA TV, a new device in the PlayStation family, has just been announced as what seems to be Sony’s form of Apple TV. As a companion device to PS4, PS VITA TV extends the boundaries of traditional remoteplay (even to another television set) and adds core network and multimedia

final fantasy bundle
09 Sep 2013

Final Fantasy X HD PS Vita Bundle Coming Soon

At Sony’s Japan press conference they have announced a collaboration with Square Enix, which features the PS Vita console themed with Final Fantasy HD graphics as well as a pack-in of both titles. Expect this bundle to hit Japan later on in 2014. No word on a North American release.

09 Sep 2013

New PS VITA Model PCH-2000 Announced

Sony has kicked off their Tokyo Games Show press briefing with the announcement of a new PS VITA Model that is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor. Likely more surprising than the announcement of the refined PS VITA is that, Sony opted for an LCD display instead of

28 Aug 2013

Ys: Memories Of Celceta Gets An Anniversary Edition!

 XSEED Games, the independent-minded console publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., today announced that the company will release a Limited Edition of the action RPG title, Ys: Memories of Celceta, alongside the standard retail version for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system when the game releases later this holiday season.  Celebrating over a quarter of

PS VIta 199
09 Aug 2013

PS VITA Price Dropping To $199.99 At Target Soon

PS VITA will be recieving a significant price reduction soon at your neighborhood Target which totals up to $50 – $100 in savings. A leaked ad for Target shows the console on sale between the dates August 18th – August 24th. I think it’s time for me to pick up

07 Aug 2013

KickBeat Arriving In September

Zen Studios has finally set a release date for KickBeat and it will be available on September 3rd. Not only is it releasing on the PS Vita , it will be arriving for the PS3. KickBeat is a music fighter (yes you heard that correct) in where you match match

LEGO Marvel SHS_Thor1
06 Jun 2013

New Lego Marvel Super Heroes Screens

Here’s a few new screens from TT Games upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Check out the Marvel Heroes taking on Asgard in Legos. More details on Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be appearing at E3 in the coming week and will be releasing this fall on Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii U™,

06 May 2013

A-Men Might Come To PC But Needs Your Help!

If some of you don’t know what A-Men is,  its a puzzle game/side-scroller similar to classics such as Lemmings and Lost Vikings, and it released on the PS Vita and PS3 not to long ago. Now the creators Bloober Team want to release the game on Steam but they need