21 Feb 2013

PS4 Goes Beyond Power, Full Specs From Sony

Wow. Today was like a dream, PS4 was finally announced and we got to see the console in action. At its core, the new PlayStation 4 is a PC; this has allowed developers to fully embrace the console without any technical rifts that occurred with PS3 due to the learning curve of

21 Feb 2013

A Better Look At The PS4’s DualShock 4

Sony has released some official press shots of the PS4’s Dual Shock 4. The controller is relatively plain looking because of the lack of start, pause, and Sony logo in the middle of the gamepad however it doesn’t look to bad. After all, it’s the gameplay that counts right? In

20 Feb 2013

PlayStation 4 Is Official

Sony has just announced the next generation of PlayStation, PS4.

15 Feb 2013

PS4 Prototype DualShock 4 Controller And Dev Kit Leak

As Sony gears up for their huge PS4 reveal on February 20th, we didn’t expect it would be long before someone spilled a bit of juice prior to the announcement. A leaked photo shows the, not so much, reinvented DualShock controller featuring a rumored touch panel in place of where

04 Jan 2013

No More Used Games | PS4

Hey, do you like buying games, selling them back to get a new game, lending games, being lent games, trading games? Well guess what SONY recently filed a very ludicrous patent that would destroy the future used game market for the PS4. By installing a chip called the “RFID Chip”