02 Mar 2018

Detroit: Become Human Official Release Trailer

Here’s a look at Quantic Dreams Detroit: Become Human with the official release trailer. Detroit: Become Human tells the tale of three androids living in Detroit giving the player complete control on every decision of their lives featuring the largest amount of outcomes and branching story paths out of any Quantic

Fahrenheit cover
16 Jun 2016

FAHRENHEIT – Indigo Prophecy 1080p Remaster Coming to PS4

The press conferences may be over, but the news keeps on coming. Quantic Dream already had a stellar showing with the much loved Detroit: Become Human gameplay reveal, but they had more tricks up their sleeves. Indigo prophecy (Fahrenheit for those not in the US) was a coming out party for Quanitc

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.14.24 PM
28 Oct 2015

Detroit: Become Human Announced for PS4

A few years ago Quantic Dream enchanted us with the Kara tech-demo and then dashed our hopes and dreams as David Cage stated that it wasn’t in their plans to use her; well, I’m glad plans change. In Quantic Dream’s latest dive through interactive storytelling, we will be getting Detroit: Become Human.

18 Sep 2013

What Would You Do With The Power From Beyond? Beyond Two Souls: Trailer

With the release of GTA V the video game world is buzzing out of control. Some are claiming that it is GOTY already. But I wouldn’t give that title out so easily, especially when you have to compete with the masterpiece The Last Of Us, and the soon to be

22 Jan 2013

Quantic Dream PS4 Game “Singularity” Discovered?

Quantic Dream has registered a domain for a title that is seemingly ment for a PS4 called Singularity., registered back in mid-November suggests the name of Quantic Dream’s new development is derived from their “Kara” tech demo in which David Cage sources the android Kara’s backstory from Ray Kurzweil’s book The