25 Apr 2017

Alternate Reality | Legends of Tomorrow “Doomworld” Review

It’s funny to think that Legends of Tomorrow could have an alternate reality episode, but alas it is here in “Doomworld.” As the name suggests, we get a nice look into what the world would look like if the Legion had their way. The alternate reality affects all major characters,

28 Mar 2017

Old Friend | DC Legends of Tomorrow “Fellowship of the Spear” Review

As the title suggests, “Fellowship of The Spear” provides a strong basis in Tolkien lore, but it excels for much more than just that. The Legion of Doom has been absent one character up until now, Captain Cold. Mick has had visions of him in the past, but now he

21 Mar 2017

Spaceman | Legends of Tomorrow “Moonshot”

The Legends go to the moon, well one actually touches the moon’s surface, but we get a pretty solid episode for all characters involved. We finally get to see where the last piece of the Spear of Destiny and the Legends are propelled to 1970s Manhattan, but Henry had one

19 Mar 2017

Force Powers | Legends of Tomorrow “Land of The Lost” Review

“Land of The Lost” takes place in two very different places for the entirety of its episode. The episode is split between Amaya, Nate, and Ray “fighting” their way through the Cretaceous period in hopes of finding a vital piece of the ship, while Stein, Jackson, Sara and Mick attempt

07 Feb 2017

Out of Time | Legends of Tomorrow “Legion of Doom” Review

Legends of Tomorrow does a great job of showcasing the various heroes in their universe, but the villains don’t necessarily get the same treatment, until now that is. “Legion of Doom” gives us one of the better villain origin stories across the DC CW shows. Up until this point, Eobard