25 Mar 2013

SEGA Is Teasing A Game For PS3 And PS VITA

SEGA wants you to be excited about their new project that is simply going by “Project 0328”. If we put all of our speculative energy into their very vague teaser site, we’d probably think SEGA is going to announce some exclusive JRPG for PlayStation consoles. The center of attention on

16 Jan 2013

How Uncanny! Sonic in Realtime

Yup exactly what you read in the title, Sonic joins our world in this fan made movie. Some fans of the series have decided to make a movie, but what makes this movie different is that its live action. While Sonic himself is in CG its voiced none other then

16 Oct 2012

New Aliens:Colonial Marines Screens

Here’s a few new screens of Aliens: Colonial Marines, they are introducing a look at the Xenomorphic Gameplay shown at NY Comic-Con. If some of you may know the Wii U version will be releasing at a later time then all other versions, Expect to see the same quality across

09 Oct 2012

Fighters Megamix And Others Headed To XBLA

Sega keeps bringing the classics this time there bringing a bunch of fighters from the yesteryears. Fighter Megamix, Sonic The Fighters , and Virtua Fighter 2 are all coming back to a Xbox near you. This was discovered from postings of ratings for the games, over at the Uk rating

17 Sep 2012

Sonic Adventure 2 And NiGHTS Get HD Remakes!

Apparently there is a God! Sonic Adventure 2, my personal favorite 3D Sonic game has received an HD remake along with NiGHTS for PS3 and Xbox 360. More importantly, both games release soon, October 2th on PlayStation Network for $9.99 and Xbox Live on Oct. 5th for 800 Microsoft Points. Check out the press

08 Aug 2012

Yakuza + Taiko Drum Master?

Looks like another collaboration is happening this time featuring Sega ‘s Yakuza 5 and Taiko Drum Master . Taiko Drum Master will have a playable arcade unit inside Yakuza 5 and will include many of the hit songs from Drum Master. The Collaboration  was announced this week in Famitsu Magazine