03 Mar 2014

New Off-Screen Hohokum PS4 Footage

Over at IndieCade here in New York City we got to test run Hohokum on the Playstation 4. Hohokum is very colorful and bright game , you could literally see it clarity pop from anywhere on the show floor.  At first I began playing the game right after someone else

27 Feb 2014

Anomaly 2 Heading to Playstation 4 This Spring

11bit studios has announced Anomaly 2 for the Playstation 4 on PSN this spring and it will be maintaining all the game play features as its original release on PC. If you haven’t played Anomaly 2 it’s a RTS tower Offense game, where it gets interesting is in the multi-player

26 Feb 2014

What Do The Sony Santa Monica Layoffs Mean For The Industry?

SCE Santa Monica had developed games from franchises such as God of War, and Fat Princess. This makes it obvious that the studio has significance to Sony as they developed some of it’s most successful games. Gaming journalist Colin Moriaty from IGN broke the news that there had been layoffs at Sony’s Santa

20 Feb 2014

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Is Set To Slither Onto PS4 In April

Octodad: Dadliest Catch, developed by Young Horses, Inc. is a game described perfectly by its title, you play as an Octopus disguised as a dad and every non-dad like move raises your suspicion meter. Your goal: don’t be ousted as an Octopus. The problem: you’re an Octopus, and apparently an

13 Jan 2014

Sony 14 for ’14 Sale To Begin January…14

Each year Sony celebrates the New Year by giving players discounts on the previous years releases. Last year it was the “13 for ’13” sale, and this year it is (you guessed it) the “14 for ’14” sale. On January 14, 2014 players will be getting 50% off select PS3

10 Jan 2014

New Monster Shown in Deep Down

Capcom has released a new screenshot showing off a new monster type featured in Deep Down, their massive online multiplayer game for the PS4. The enemy shown is a Spider and could in fact be a boss  you will encounter as you travel deeper, no other details have been revealed

08 Jan 2014

How Sony Saving The PS Vita Will Benefit Vita, PS4, And Company

The PlayStation Vita has been, what I like to call, the handheld of curiosity. In the beginning both the press and the players asked about how successful the device would be. At launch people asked what titles would be released next after playing great games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss

07 Jan 2014

PlayStation 4 Sold 4.2 Million in 2013

Sony has announced today at their CES Keynote that the PlayStation 4 has officially sold over 4.2 million to the consumers in 2013 as of December 28th. Not only on the hardware side Sony has managed such feat, they also have sold 9.7 million software titles since the launch of

07 Jan 2014

Playstation Now Announced

At Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Keynote at CES, Andrew House President of Sony Computer Entertainment has announced Sony’s new streaming service called Playstation Now. The App Playstation Now will be letting users stream the PS3 and PS2 games to multiple devices including Bravia TVs and Ipads, one of the first

27 Dec 2013

Resistance Trilogy online modes to Ride off into the Sunset (Shutdown)

It’s a sad day for gamers that played the Resistance Games. Announced Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment America officially confirmed that the online modes for the entire Resistance Trilogy will go offline on March 28, 2014. Yep. One of the biggest features of the games ,for a trilogy that helped establish the

06 Nov 2013

New Driveclub Trailer: BMW 2 Series Coupe

Here’s a new trailer showing off the BMW 2 Series Coupe in Driveclub. It looks like the delay has given Evolution Studios enough time to polish and give us a graphical showcase. Check out the trailer below and lookout for Driveclub Q1 2014.

04 Nov 2013

MLB 14: The Show Revealed

Sony has revealed their latest entry of the MLB series with MLB 14: The Show announced for the PS3, PS Vita and being shown for the first time on PS4. Sony San Diego Studios has also stated in the teaser trailer which can be watched down below, they don’t want