05 Aug 2020

Dan, Akira From Rival Schools, and More Joining Street Fighter V Season V

Capcom has revealed what’s coming up next for Street Fighter V in their latest Street Fighter V Digital Event. The event highlighted the characters you will see coming into Season V and also some updates on the development. First off the return of Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter Alpha series.

10 Jun 2020

5 Characters I Would Like To See In Street Fighter V Season V

After Capcom’s big news about expanding the Street Fighter V roster once more, it got me thinking about who would be the best final candidates for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter has a whole list of brawlers that many fans know and appreciate. I would even go on to say

27 May 2020

Street Fighter V Season 5 Is Happening!

Capcom has announced that we are getting Street Fighter V Season 5. This season will include five new characters and three new stages. This new season will push the Street Fighter V roster to 45 characters. Capcom has stated that this will be the last season. Due to the positive