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11 Jun 2015

Street Fighter V Trailer Shows You Its Battle System

Here’s a look at Street Fighter V Battle System with some new gameplay footage, we covered the gameplay system in our earlier story . Now you can check it out in full video form above. Stay tuned with Dual Pixels as we will have more info straight from E3 for Street

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11 Jun 2015

Street Fighter V New Screens Galore

Just in time for E3. Here’s a ton of new images of Street Fighter V. We also have a few new details regarding gameplay mechanics at our earlier story. Check it out here.

10 Jun 2015

Street Fighter V Set to Release in March 2016 + New Details

New details coming in for Street Fighter V from Shortlist Magazine. There’s confirmation of the gameplay mechanic called, “V-trigger,” which you gain by taking damage. Players then can use V-trigger to activate moves such as Chun-li’s double fireballs, or Charlie’s fancy teleports. There’s  another new mechanic called,  “V-Skill,” which allows

24 Feb 2015

Nash/Charlie enters the fight! | SFV Trailer

Nash, also known as Charlie, is coming to Street Fighter V in a slightly altered way from his last appearance in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Nash has a similar game play style to Guile who was his partner, but was seemingly killed. In SFV, it looks like Nash retains

06 Dec 2014

PSX Trailer Park! | PSX 2014

The keynote of the PlayStation Experience has just come to a close, but the event is still going on and more news is sure to spill throughout the show. But, if you missed the stream earlier today, we’ve got a collection of trailers of the biggest reveals at the show.

06 Dec 2014

Street Fighter V Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Exclusive

Capcom formally announced Street Fighter V today at PlayStation Experience. The game’s developed has been funded by Sony in an exclusivity deal that keeps the title only on PS4’s console but also on the PC platform. PC players will be able to play PS4 players for the first time ever

Street Fighter V- PS4
05 Dec 2014

Street Fighter V Announced As A PS4 Console Exclusive

On the heels of what’s to be an exciting new and now yearly PlayStation Conference, Capcom has announced Street Fighter V — exclusively on PS4. If this applies, yes you will be able to play on your PC. Significantly Capcom’s announcement and teaser trailer for Street Fighter V below is