03 Nov 2015

Super Leak Fighter 3: More DLC Characters Coming to SFV

Once again dataminers have found more content hidden away in the files in the Street Fighter V PC beta. This time it’s the game’s announcer announcing different things, among them some characters that haven’t been announced for Street Fighter V properly. You can hear the names Balrog, Urien, Ibuki, Juri, Alex,

27 Oct 2015

More Street Fighter V Leaks: Release Date, Dhalsim, and DLC Characters

Update: The Dhalsim Trailer is up now. This week is Paris Games Week, and Sony is scheduled to have a conference in the next few minutes and with it more Street Fighter V information. Eurogamer (check out the Google cached page here) accidentally let slip some important information regarding the

Street Fighter 2
26 Oct 2015

Official Street Fighter II Soundtrack Coming Soon

Good news for Vinyl fans and Street Fighter fans alike. Brave Wave is partnering up with Capcom to release the ultimate Street Fighter II soundtrack in both CD and Vinyl. The collection will include brand new remasters directly from he arcade board of the CP-1 and CPS-2 and it has

07 Oct 2015

Laura Gameplay Trailer for Street Fighter V Leaks

Laura the Brazilian newcomer to the Street Fighter franchise isn’t being as hush hush as she’s intended to be. A few days ago, Famitsu leaked pictures of the new character well before her actual announcement. And today, the Playstation YouTube channel had itchy trigger fingers as it posted her gameplay

17 Sep 2015

Karin Confirmed for Street Fighter V

Originally appearing in the manga series Sakura Ganbaru!, Karin will be coming to Street Fighter V. Karin Kanzuki would later be in an actual Street Fighter game with Street Fighter Alpha 3.  SF3 would be her only official Street Fighter presence despite having appearances in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street

12 Sep 2015

New Challenger Rashid Joins Street Fighter V

Earlier today at Dubai Games Event 15 Capcom has revealed their latest newcomer Rashid joining the cast of Street Fighter V. Rashid is from the middle east and adds a bit of Parkour and High Tech abilities in his fighting style. He uses the element of wind to blow his

27 Aug 2015

R. Mika Joins The Roster In Street Fighter V

Wrestler extraordinaire, R. Mika, joins the cast in the upcoming Street Fighter V.  R. Mika, also known as Rainbow Mika, is appearing for the first time since her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Her V-Trigger allows her tag-team partner, Yamato Nadeshiko, join in on the fight. Street Fighter V

03 Aug 2015

Vega Confirmed for Street Fighter V

Vega, or as he’s colloquially known Claw, is confirmed for Street Fighter V. You can check out his reveal trailer below: Street Fighter V is set to release on Playstation 4 and PC in 2016.

09 Jul 2015

Ken Returns In Street Fighter V With A New Look

During the Street Fighter Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015. Capcom has revealed that Ken will be joining the cast of Street Fighter V. Many might think why this is such a big deal, well when Street Fighter V got announced Capcom has mentioned that they wanted every character

15 Jun 2015

E3 2015: Street Fighter V New Characters and Beta Announced

During Sony’s E3 press conference, they announced two new charters (both leaked: Birdie and Cammy ) and information on the Beta for Street Fighter V. Although we knew about the two characters, the trailer was great nonetheless. Capcom and Sony also shared that the Beta, which will be arriving on

Street Fighter V Title
11 Jun 2015

Round 2 of Street Fighter V Screens

Here’s a few more screens of Street Fighter V. You can now take a look at the VS screen in this Batch.  

10 Jun 2015

Street Fighter V Set to Release in March 2016 + New Details

New details coming in for Street Fighter V from Shortlist Magazine. There’s confirmation of the gameplay mechanic called, “V-trigger,” which you gain by taking damage. Players then can use V-trigger to activate moves such as Chun-li’s double fireballs, or Charlie’s fancy teleports. There’s  another new mechanic called,  “V-Skill,” which allows