24 Feb 2015

Nash/Charlie enters the fight! | SFV Trailer

Nash, also known as Charlie, is coming to Street Fighter V in a slightly altered way from his last appearance in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Nash has a similar game play style to Guile who was his partner, but was seemingly killed. In SFV, it looks like Nash retains

08 Jan 2015

Capcom Bringing Two Games To Sony’s Platforms

Capcom and Sony’s Third Party Production Team are getting quite cozy as of late, and their relationship means bringing some of Capcoms games to more Sony platforms. They will be bringing Resident Evil Revelations 2 to Vita (spring 2015) and its marquee fighter, Ultra Street Fighter IV (spring 2015) is

06 Dec 2014

Street Figher V Rise Up Trailer | PSX 2014

One of the most storied fighting games out there made one of the biggest splashes of the day; although, it was revealed prior to the event. Street Fighter is far and away the most popular fighting game in the genre, whether you rep MLG status or have to hit the

06 Nov 2014

Amazing! Guy Does Street Fighter 2 Sound Effects For A Full Match

Incredible! This contestant at a talent show does the full voice overs for a match between Ryu and Sagat from Street Fighter 2. Not missing one beat and his vocals are on point. Check out the video below as he will blow your mind, and who knows maybe he can

Akuma and Ryu
23 May 2014

Joey Ansah (Akuma) & Mike Moh (Ryu) Interviews and Behind-The-Scenes | Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist

Here’s our interview with Joey Ansah: the writer, director, choreographer, Street Fighter guru and of course, Akuma. He’s a very passionate guy, and his love for the series bleeds right through the interview. Check it out below. Download Here Right-Click Save As  Next up we have Mike Moh who plays

23 May 2014

Making Its Mark On Video Game Adaptations | Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist Full Series

Video Game adaptations are a very hit or miss affair, unfortunately, more the latter than the former. We’ve seen many cherished franchises hacked into film with little resemblance to its source material, seemingly created with a pure focus of capitalizing on a growing fan base. We get our hopes up

09 May 2014

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Full Trailer

While many game series don’t translate well into live action, Mortal Kombat Legacy has proved that short episodic shows can work. So Machinima has decided to create Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist which follows the story of Ryu and Ken as they train in the  Ansatsuken style of Martial Arts with their

Breaking BadDP
27 Mar 2014

Ryu VS Jeese (A Street Fighter-Breaking Bad tribute)

Ever wondered what Breaking Bad X Street Fighter would look like? Well this crazy match up videos will show you exactly what happens when Jeese picks the wrong fight.This short animation comes to us from Junior Jesman, who also released The Vega Theme Anthem for the Character Vega of Street

12 Sep 2013

Udon Celebrates Anniversary with Street Fighter Origins: Akuma

Udon is celebrating its 150th published book as well the 10th anniversary of Street Fighter comics and what better way to celebrate then releasing a brand new graphic novel with everyone’s favorite bad-ass Akuma. Street Fighter Origins: Akuma goes back to when Akuma was much younger and his struggles with

29 Sep 2012

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection Review

Shakespeare set the standard to modern English literature. Steve Jobs defined how we listen and store our music. Capcom defined the essence of quarter circle forward punch in our fighters. I still remember as an 8 year old questioning why so many other characters from different fighting franchises resembled Ryu