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12 Aug 2014

Gamescom 2014: We’re Liveblogging Microsoft’s Press Conference

Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference is tomorrow and you’re invited! Microsoft claims to have some nice surprises in store, so hopefully they deliver this year. Interestingly enough, very little has leaked so the conference should reveal some nice tidbits of information. We’re pretty anxious to hear what MS has to offer,

14 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive Hands-On Impressions

Every studio has a calling card, and Insomniac has one of the most beloved of them all. When you think of Insomniac, the first thing that should come to mind is crazy weaponry. Throughout the Ratchet and Clank Series, and through the Resistance series as well, the weapons have always

09 May 2014

Sunset Overdrive Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

Unveiled at last year’s E3 we now have a chance to finally see what Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will look like when we get our hands on it this fall. To sum it up it looks like the game will combine Ratchet and Clank’s uniquely awesome weapons, Infamous’