22 Mar 2018

Horizon Wins Big! Guerrilla Games Wins Best Technology Award

Over at the 2018 Game Developer Conference (GDC), Guerrilla Games was awarded with the Best Technology Award. The award recognizes the overall excellence of technology in a game, including graphics programming, artificial intelligence, networking and physics. Horizon: Zero Dawn uses the Decima Engine, which will be featured in Kojima’s highly anticipated

18 Aug 2015

Jabra Sport Coach Review

Chances are if you’re a runner, or do any type of cardio activity you know the gut-wrenching feeling of knocking your earbuds out your ear and crushing them or worst doing the same to your iPhone. Music and fitness go together like the Moon and ocean tides; it’s the rhythm

29 Apr 2014

The New Macbook Air Unveiled: More Speed, Lower Price

Apple has revealed their latest update to the MacBook Air series of laptops, the new Macbook Air looks exactly the same as last years model but with a slight upgrade under the hood. The 2014 Macbook Air now includes a newer Intel dual-core 1.4ghz processor, which means better speed. The

10 Sep 2013

Apple Reveals The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Apple has finally revealed the iPhone 5S and the heavily talked about iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S will feature Touch id, a new sensor in your home button which you can activate apps, and also purchase apps using it if you don’t like the idea of passwords. Apple also noted

31 Aug 2012

Amazon Spreads More Fire

Looks like Amazon wants everyone to have a Kindle Fire these days. According to a recent WSJ report ,  Amazon is planning to develop a Kindle Fire tablet with ad support,  just like the other Kindles this one is looking to cut cost even further.  Amazon has also added the