16 Apr 2013

Vanguard Princess Now Available At OnLive!

eigoMANGA is excited to announce that they have launched the fighting game, Vanguard Princess on the OnLive® Game Service. Vanguard Princess on the OnLive Game Service enables gamers to instantly play the fighting game across multiple devices such as TV, Mac®, PC, Android tablets and smartphones. Vanguard Princess is a

27 Feb 2013

Vanguard Princess | Screenshots!

Still not interested in checking out Vanguard Princess? Maybe these sick screenshots can win you over. Just look at all the vibrant action going on. Isn’t more interesting than other fighting games in the genre?Still not interested in checking out Vanguard Princess?                

26 Feb 2013

Vanguard Princess | eigoMANGA Publishes English Version!

Its been over two years since I played Vanguard Princess at Comic Con. I remembered the majority of my con time was spent just sitting at its station. While others were entranced by Skull Girls  I was in the lab developing tech for Vanguard Princess’s release in the states. Its