13 Feb 2014

New Infamous: Second Son Footage

I just came across this unseen (at least to my eyes) B Roll footage from the preview build of Infamous: Second Son. Its main allure is displaying how the morality system that’s been ever present in the series is being applied in its continually more impressive next entry.   March

12 Feb 2014

A Look Back: Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective

The first in our series of Retrospectives we look back at Square Enix Final Fantasy XIII. Starting back from the first game all the way to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which will be releasing this month. Check out the video below to refresh your self on Lightnings adventure and

31 Jul 2013

Let’s Play DayZ: How to Install and Get DayZ Running

Here’s a new series of videos were launching called Let’s Play in this particular video we have Mike O’Hare (AKA MrTAmaster92) Playing DayZ for PC and sharing the fundamentals on how to get started with this behemoth of a game. DayZ is set in a post apocalyptic world in which