29 Apr 2014

The New Macbook Air Unveiled: More Speed, Lower Price

Apple has revealed their latest update to the MacBook Air series of laptops, the new Macbook Air looks exactly the same as last years model but with a slight upgrade under the hood. The 2014 Macbook Air now includes a newer Intel dual-core 1.4ghz processor, which means better speed. The

29 Apr 2014

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Announced For PS4 & PC

HyperX, a division of widely known computer memory manufacturer Kingston, today announced their new gaming headset that goes by the name HyperX Cloud. In case you were wondering, no; this headset has absolutely nothing to do with cloud computing. HyperX Cloud was designed with comfort in mind as it’s made

6230-LM DashCam
21 Apr 2014

Magellan Releases RoadMate DashCam GPS Navigator

Magellan is cooperating with our vehicles again to help provide convenience and safety now with their RoadMate DashCam GPS Navigator. That’s right, it’s a dashboard camera and GPS at your fingertips. Recently in the media, we’ve seen such ridiculous incidences not only with irresponsible drivers but crooked law enforcement who

11 Apr 2014

Wharfedale Introduces Cobalt, Its First Bluetooth Speaker

Wharfedale, a British audio manufacturer, has introduced its first Bluetooth enabled speaker, Cobalt. Cobalt gets rid of the tedious docks smartphone docks bundled into some manufacturer’s speakers but gets us right into the music thanks to Bluetooth technology. Convenience is key here; Cobalt is embodied by a glossy piano black

09 Apr 2014

NoScope’s $19.99 Gaming Glasses | Review

Admittedly, I can’t say I’ve ever suffered from gaming or computer related migraines that plague some people, at least not any that I can recall. Gaming glasses were invented to solve heavy gamers’ confrontation with migraines but also to help them focus on what matters while in the midst of

The official header for Atlantic City comic con.
02 Apr 2014

Atlantic City Comic-Con officially announced

It’s time to suit up and gear up for May 2015, especially if you are in the greater NYC/PA/NJ Area.  It is at this time that Atlantic City, a popular, classy city right on the edges of The Atlantic Ocean, will host a comic-con for the first time in its

SmartGPS 5390
27 Mar 2014

Magellan’s SmartGPS 5390 Brings The Cloud To Car Navigation

Today Magellan announced their latest product the SmartGPS 5390 that’s changing the road with the power of the cloud. Behind the 5″ SmartGPS 5390, Magellan has developed a cloud connected ecosystem between your Android/iOS smartphones, Computer, tablets, and the SmartGPS itself. Magellan’s main attraction here is the price-point of their

26 Mar 2014

NoScope Gaming Glasses Provide An Affordable Competitive Edge

NoScope Glasses has released their latest product they’ve dubbed the “Demon Series”, and it does us all a solid by being the first affordable gaming glasses on the market. Traditionally, gaming glasses are preserved for the elite who intend to filter out unnecessary “light noise” admitted from electronic devices such

26 Mar 2014

Notch Says No to Minecraft On Oculus Rift After Facebook Acquisition

If you haven’t heard already Facebook has acquired Oculus Rift, while the gaming crowd is still trying to process the event that took place today in terms of the future of Virtual Reality now with Facebook backing Oculus. Markus Notch Persson creator of the widely popular title Minecraft has voiced

25 Mar 2014

Facebook Acquires Oculus VR (Oculus Rift)

Facebook has just acquired Oculus VR for $2 Billion, in the form of $400 million cash and 23.1 million Facebook shares. Oculus Rift has come a very long way from just a Kickstarter concept to a fully fledged company’s cutting edge reality that’s receiving praise amongst most tech media. Virtual Reality

12 Mar 2014

Lepow Moonstone 9000mAh Review

How many times have you been out and your iPhone died on you just before you got that picture with Rihanna for Instagram?   Didn’t expect an answer for that, but nevertheless, you have been out and constantly frustrated with the inadequate life capacity of your smartphone. As an avid

12 Mar 2014

Naztech iPad Air Sleek Portfolio Case Review

We recently got a hold of Naztech’s Sleek Portfolio iPad Air case that comes equipped with a keyboard for those of you afraid to part with your laptop. Increasingly we require portable but capable devices in our lives to fit the 21st century society that is always connected. The technology