12 Mar 2014

Naztech iPad Air Sleek Portfolio Case Review

We recently got a hold of Naztech’s Sleek Portfolio iPad Air case that comes equipped with a keyboard for those of you afraid to part with your laptop. Increasingly we require portable but capable devices in our lives to fit the 21st century society that is always connected. The technology

11 Oct 2013

Look! It’s Valve’s Steam Controller In Action

Valve has been touting their Steam controller’s precision as opposed to traditional gaming console controllers but until now they hadn’t shown it in action. Jeff, an engineer from Valve’s camp, demonstrates “legacy mode” which emulates a traditional keyboard and mouse configuration most PC gamers are familiar with. Without any modifications the

03 Oct 2013

ReBoot is Coming Back! ALPHA-NUMERIC!

ALPHANUMERIC! One of the greatest animation series in television history is set to return! ReBoot, the world’s very first fully computer animated series is coming back after almost ten years. Rainmaker, the studio currently involved in making a theatrical movie from the Ratchet and Clank Universe, is in active development

24 Sep 2013

SteamOS Is Kinda Like A “4th Console”

PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, blah blah. Sure Valve probably doesn’t have any particular beef with next generation consoles but their home has primarily been on the PC platform. In their trials of shaping the future for PC gaming Valve has announced SteamOS, an operating system based on Linux designed

23 Sep 2013

Will The Xbox One Suffer The Same Fate As The PS Vita?

Let me first start off this opinion piece by saying that I like the Xbox One. I am excited for it, and I have a pre-order to pick up on November 22nd. I will also be getting the PS4 at launch. This opinion piece is not what I am saying

12 Sep 2013

Assassin’s Creed IV Next Gen Features Trailer

Ubisoft released a new trailer today showing off the tech in the next-gen versions of Assassin’s Creed IV. If some of you guys are still thinking next-gen looks similar to what we have now Ubisoft intends to open your eyes with this trailer, check it out!

10 Sep 2013

Apple Reveals The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Apple has finally revealed the iPhone 5S and the heavily talked about iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S will feature Touch id, a new sensor in your home button which you can activate apps, and also purchase apps using it if you don’t like the idea of passwords. Apple also noted

08 Sep 2013

Sony Promising ” The news we’ve all been waiting for” Tomorrow.

After a Summer of stellar announcements, new developments, and increasing excitement, how can things possibly get better for Sony and the PlayStation brand? Well, none of us know right now but we’ll find that answer out tomorrow.   Various news sites, including PlayStation fan site, The Sixth Axis, are reporting

27 Aug 2013

Dual Pixels Podcast #9: Gamescom Edition

This week we talk about news from Gamescom in Germany! Indie titles are getting us pumped for the PS4, and why Nintendo is testing our patience again. Danny uncovers why customers pickup yearly-released sports game and Call of Duty. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Dual Pixels Podcast on itunes

19 Aug 2013

Dual Pixels Podcast# 8: Grapes in The White House

We’re back and we talk Saint Row IV, I give my impressions on it before it releases. Also What we been playing and Microsoft 180s yet again, Sony has nintendogs?, and much more! Join Jeff, Dan, and I as we discuss gaming news for the week. Check out the Dual

14 Aug 2013

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt CG Trailer

CD Projekt RED upcoming game The Witcher 3 has been getting all the buzz lately, and a new trailer has emerged. This Cg trailer shows off  some of the things we will be seeing in The Witcher 3. Check out the trailer below and expect The Witcher 3 to release

29 Jul 2013

Dual Pixels Podcast #6: Sponsored By Sharknado

We’re back and better then ever joining me is Dan Vogt our news editor who will become the third and permanent member of the podcast,Jeff could not join us this week but will be returning next week. This week we talk GTA V, Xbox 180, Sharknado, and What we been