Titans “Donna Troy” Review

As the episode title would suggest, we get to learn about Wonder Girl herself, Donna Troy. Donna has found a way to live as Donna Troy and has left Wonder Girl behind her. Dick Grayson turns to his old pal as he continues to shape his identity. Meanwhile, Kory continues to be paranoid after everything that happened at the asylum, but are her suspicions true?

Rachel wakes up early once they are back at the safe house to make breakfast for everyone. She’s excited to have her mom, Angela, at the house with her. Gar decides to help Rachel, and they all have a nice moment before figuring out what comes next. Dick decides that he is leaving them; he needs to figure out who he’s going to be. Angela says that she has a house in Ohio where they can all stay, so Kory agrees to get them to safety. Gar is excited at the possibility of this being their secret base.

Rachel, Gar, Kory, and Angela get on a train to head to Ohio. Rachel and Angela finally get some alone time together while Gar and Kory find a bit of time to bond. Kory sees how Gar looks at Rachel and wonders if he wants more with her. Gar is embarrassed and changes the subject. He’s worried that he freaked Rachel out when he killed the guard at the asylum. Kory realizes that Gar might be more freaked out at himself than he is worried about what Rachel thinks. Kory reminds Gar that he should never be ashamed about defending himself.

Rachel gets to ask her mom a few burning questions, mostly about her father. Angela tells Rachel that she gets her powers from her father, but it seems that this only makes Rachel more curious about him. Angela tells Rachel that her adoptive mother, Melissa, was a dear friend, and Angela asked her to look after Rachel. Melissa promised to disappear and to never tell Rachel about her real mother. Angela promises that now that they are together, she doesn’t have to be afraid of her father, but I’m not sure if Rachel is afraid of him. She’s a child who’s curious about her past and about her powers. If her father has those answers, it’s only reasonable that she would want to meet him and learn from him.

While Dick is off trying to find a life past Robin, he goes to see his old friend, Donna Troy. Donna has found a way to go on with her life as Donna, rather than cling to her alter ego, Wonder Girl. She tells Dick that she just stopped and that it will take time for him to get over being Robin. Dick goes with Donna to her art show, which showcases her photographs. During the show, Donna gets a text from someone and leaves mysteriously. Naturally, Dick can’t let go and follows her.

Donna meets with a man who illegally sells exotic animal furs and skins. He also has a live bear that he plans to sell to the highest bidder. He allows Donna to take photos of his merchandise only, in the hopes that he can help to limit his competition. After the meet, Donna is letting the men get away when Dick steps in and knocks them out. Donna is frustrated that Dick can’t realize that she has everything under control. She has found a way to make a difference as Donna Troy. She was going to use her photos to shut down the entire trade of these animal furs, but Dick couldn’t see past the bad guy right in front of him.

While on the train, Kory is paranoid that they are being watched. She’s worried that there is someone there from the Organization, but she forgets that there are cops after her for what she did to them at Rachel’s childhood home. The train stops for debris in the road, but it’s just a distraction to get Kory in custody. She’s not going to go down without a fight, and thankfully, they all make it out to the house in Ohio.

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Kory has been getting headaches ever since the asylum, and Rachel wonders if she can help to heal Kory’s brain. It could even help to get her memories back. At this point, Donna finds a picture on Dick’s phone of the writing from Kory’s storage locker. Donna can read some of the writing and has some bad news. Kory agrees to let Rachel try to use her healing powers on her mind. It looks like it’s working, but we learn that Donna translated a piece of the message. Kory isn’t here to save Rachel; she’s here to kill her. We’re left on a cliffhanger, where it appears that Kory has received her memories. What a way to end an episode, and I can’t wait to see where this takes our Titans over the final few episodes of the first season.
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