TheFlashTheNucelarMan 95%
11 Feb 2015

Flame On | The Flash “The Nuclear Man” Review

The Flash is back with “The Nuclear Man,” an episode that revolves around much more than Barry’s powers and the recently introduced Firestorm. Yes, the Firestorm/Dr. Stein teasing finally comes to a head at this episode, leaving us with another huge cliff hanger of course, but we finally get to

GothamScarecrow 80%
10 Feb 2015

Fear | Gotham “The Scarecrow” Review

This week’s episode of Gotham, “The Scarecrow,” is the epitome of what Gotham has become; for better or for worse. For every great scene, there’s an awkward one, and every time you start to get a handle on the characters in the show, another one is introduced. Alas, this episode

ScorpionLoveBoat 85%
10 Feb 2015

Rough Waters | Scorpion “Love Boat” Review

Scorpion’s Valentine themed sixteenth episode, “Love Boat,” is sure to have a lot of rocky moments. It all starts with a car jacking. Some criminals steal high tech shoulder launch rockets that have a range nine times the standard and is near impossible to deter once on its course. The

Constantine - Season 1 85%
09 Feb 2015

Constantine “Angels and Ministers of Grace” Review

With only one episode left until Constantine’s season finale, the twelfth episode, “Angels and Ministers of Grace,” leads us to yet again more darkness. First, a young woman named Taylor appears to be buying drugs before her brother’s funeral tomorrow. Moments before she takes the drugs, a monster of a

The Blacklist 90%
06 Feb 2015

Memories Fade… | The Blacklist “Luther Braxton: Conclusion” Review

The Blacklist’s tenth episode of their second season, “Luther Braxton: Conclusion,” will hopefully give us some answers about Lizzie and Red’s connection as well as close the door on the villainous Luther Braxton. The episode starts off with the aftermath of the missile strikes. The Factory is still standing but

TheFlashCrazyForYou 80%
04 Feb 2015

Spooky Action | The Flash “Crazy For You” Review

The latest episode of The Flash, “Crazy For You,” was another solid episode, but you could easily tell that it was more of a setup episode for the rest of the season. The Flash has generally done a great job of having strong characters each episode, while still giving us

Gotham_DrCrane 80%
04 Feb 2015

Scarecrow | Gotham “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” Review

Gotham comes in with one of the better episodes in, “The Fearsome Dr. Crane,” that does a great job of setting up what’s to come while also allowing older storylines to come to a close. While the procedural, monster-of-the-week setup does work in most cases, I am glad that this

The Blacklist 95%
02 Feb 2015

The Fulcrum | The Blacklist “Luther Braxton” Review

The Blacklist’s ninth episode, “Luther Braxton,” is a special episode airing after the Superbowl. The episode starts with our favorite criminal mastermind, Raymond Reddington being captured. Reddington is taken to a blacklist prison “somewhere in the Bering Sea.” Considering the FBI task force has no idea what he’s doing, there’s

Constantine - Season 1 70%
02 Feb 2015

If Looks Could Kill | Constantine “A Whole World Out There” Review

Constantine’s eleventh episode, “A Whole World Out There,” is essentially about kids being kids. A group of college students perform what looks like a séance at the beginning of the episode. They all have an out of body experience and end up in some house, all in different rooms. One

GothamWB 75%
27 Jan 2015

I.A. | Gotham “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” Review

As the title perfectly describes in “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon,” we get to see Jim Gordon back in full capacity at GCPD. With the return of Jim Gordon, we get another look at just how insanely corrupt Gotham’s police department really is and how he is really a one man

Constantine - Season 1 95%
26 Jan 2015

Family Matters | Constantine “Quid Pro Quo” Review

Constantine’s tenth episode, “Quid Pro Quo,” had great character developments. We got flashbacks showing Chas’s life that was previously unknown to us. This episode also showed that Constantine may not always be right or have the best solutions. Maybe sometimes he should listen to his trusty sidekicks. The flashbacks were

FlashMid 85%
21 Jan 2015

Fire And Frost | The Flash “Revenge Of The Rogues” Review

The Flash makes its midseason premiere with, “Revenge Of The Rogue.” The ability for the show to have a strong follow-up after ending last year with a spectacular episode with the Reverse-Flash was a tall order, but “Revenge OF The Rogues” was up to the challenge, even if The Reverse-Flash