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18 Mar 2013

Killer is Dead North American Trailer

Again Killer is Dead shows us the creativity on how a game can look visually. Killer is Dead originates from Suda 51 the makers of No more Heroes and Killer 7, it will be releasing on Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year. Check out the English trailer after the

15 Mar 2013

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Announced For Xbox 360

A new first party Microsoft Studio that goes by the name Press Play has just announced their first title for Xbox 360. Max is a successor of Max & the Magic Marker which released on other platforms previously. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a lush “2.5D” platformer with Pixar esque

15 Mar 2013

Saint’s Row IV Announced, Coming This August

The next Saint’s Row, the 4th, has just been announced and is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC this year! Deep Silver and Volition are stepping outside their comfort zone even further by making the Saint’s Row sandbox experience even more ambiguous by adding super-powers, alien invasions, and even more action.

15 Mar 2013

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Game Of The Year Edition

With Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being over a year old, game of the year, receiving several patches and mods, you would wonder wheres the game of the year edition right? Amazon recently posted an order placement from Bethesda Software France marked as Skyrim’s game of the year edition. Like Skyrim’s

14 Mar 2013

Tomb Raider | Review

Lara Croft is easily one of the top 10 names that will generate within any list of true legends and icons of gaming. She’s been through enough transformations through numerous titles and adventures to span across at least two generations of gamers, naturally including some games that weren’t nearly as

12 Mar 2013

Square Enix To Announce New Wii U Title At PAX EAST 2013

So if you don’t know already, Dual Pixels will be attending PAX EAST 2013. After you get approved for a media pass for gaming events (New York Comic Con, PAX EAST etc…), you get emails from about two weeks before the event leading up to the event date from companies

11 Mar 2013

Pandora’s Tower Wii’s Swan Song

Its finally coming, having released in Europe and Japan already. Pandora’s Tower is finally arriving to the states and looks to be the last RPG on the Wii. Pandora’s Tower features a story about a Aeron the hero of the story finding out a loved one(Elena) has been cursed and

11 Mar 2013

Frank Ocean Says Consoles Aren’t Dead, Praises PS4

Grammy Award winning GOLF WANG (Odd Future) artist Frank Ocean went into a small under 140 character rant about the insane critics who keep saying consoles are dead. They aren’t. The irrelevant logic used amongsts naive gaming critics who cite the console or HD gaming industry as obsolete must also