Hellraid Cover
16 Sep 2014

Hellraid To Be Streamed Live For The First Time Today At 10:00 A.M. PDT

Hellraid, the non-zombie first-person cooperative slasher from Techland, has undergone a facelift using Techlands’ Chrome Engine 6. The proprietary engine, the same one that’s running Dying Light, claims to take advantage of the new console generation hardware. Having played Dying Light at E3, it’s safe to say that the game

11 Sep 2014

Dying Light Jumping Up To A January Release

Dying Light, the first-person parkour-zombie survival game by Techland, is set to grace our consoles (and PC) on January 27. This news comes as a surprise, considering the last we heard was that there was a delay until some time in February 2015. Dying Light is differentiating itself from other

10 Sep 2014

New Screenshots And Details For Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will take place between Resident Evil 5 and 6, as stated in Game Informer. The original Resident Evil Revelations was a game that harkened back to the well-known Resident Evil roots and provided us with the survival horror we’ve come to expect from Resident Evil, which

AI Cover
09 Sep 2014

Alien Isolation Goes Gold, New Trailer Released

Alien Isolation releases on Oct. 7, 2014 and looks to reverse the sad fate of the franchise after Colonial Marines. Having been able to play a demo which lasted approximately 45 minutes, it’s safe to say the slice I was shown is far better than any part of Colonial Marines.

Bayonetta 2
04 Sep 2014

Stylized Action At Its Finest | Bayonetta 2 Trailer

As we slide into the stacked months of game releases, we mustn’t forget that the Wii U does indeed have quite the lineup with Bayonetta 2 being a noteworthy release. Platinum Games’ Bayonetta introduced gamers to the wonderful world of Vigrid and had us hacking and slashing through enemies in

Destiny Cover
04 Sep 2014

Destiny Live-Action Launch Trailer

After what has felt like an eternity between the beta and its release, Destiny is finally within a week of release and Bungie has a live-action trailer in tow. Check out the trailer below. At Dual Pixels we will be doing a ‘dual’ review amongst at least three reviewers. We

01 Sep 2014

Persona 5 Also Coming To PS4 in 2015 | TGS 2014

Atlus’ latest entry into its beloved RPG series, Persona 5, is coming to both PS3 and PS4 on the same day at some point in 2015. As part of Sony’s pre-TGS show, Atlus revealed that Persona 5 is being slightly delayed and will be making its way to the PS4.

01 Sep 2014

Dragon Quest Heroes Releasing In 2015 In Japan

Typical to previous pre-TGS shows, Sony ended this years with a Square Enix announcement. No, it isn’t the Final Fantasy we were told to be excited for, but something a bit more out of left field. Dragon Quest Heroes was revealed and, unlike in typical Dragon Quest fashion, the game

The Last Of Us
21 Aug 2014

Free ‘Factions’ Maps for The Last of Us PS3 & PS4

Who doesn’t like free maps? Not only are they free, obviously, but since everyone will have access to them, it won’t split the player base. I’d say that’s one point for the home team. The two free maps come as an apology from the Naughty Dog team. The Last Of

Destiny Reveal
21 Aug 2014

Get Hyped With The Destiny Launch Trailer

Destiny is just a few weeks away and Bungie has just released the launch trailer for the game. Similar to all other media of Destiny, this trailer only makes the wait feel that much longer. Check out the reveal trailer below. If you’ve managed to miss all the coverage of

19 Aug 2014

Gamescom 2014: 35 Minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay

Gamescom has just ended and the folks over at CD projekt RED have graced us with a ton of new footage, 35 minutes worth to be exact. The footage was previously seen at various locations during San Diego Comic Con and at Gamescom, but it’s the first time it can

18 Aug 2014

Venus Revealed In Newest Destiny Trailer

The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means two things: a ton of big games are about to be released and there are about to be a bunch of very sad wallets. Although the biggest games are releasing between October and November, Bungie is leading the onslaught of games