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21 Jan 2016

Turtle Time | The Flash “Potential Energy” Review

The Flash is finally back with its midseason premiere, “Potential Energy.” The Flash has been one of those few shows that ramps up each and every episode, and thus far, the season hasn’t disappointed. We’ve been given some insane villain reveals, ridiculous action pieces and some quality relationship building, so

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23 Nov 2015

Kong | The Flash “Gorilla Warfare” Review

It was only a matter of time before Grodd came back, and we get a very Grodd-centric episode this week in “Gorilla Warfare.” While I don’t really enjoy that huge characters are around for only a couple episodes and then are absent for weeks, they did a tremendous job with

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13 Nov 2015

Transparent | The Flash “Enter Zoom” Review

My early feelings this season about The Flash being in a Sophomore slump have quickly vanquished with these past few episodes. This week’s solid episode, “Enter Zoom,” provided a perfect mix of humor, characterization and of course action. We’ll skip right to the main sequence in this week’s episode, and

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05 Nov 2015

Blind Date | The Flash “The Darkness and The Light” Review

The Flash just had its best episode of the season with “The Darkness and The Light.” It’s pretty rare that I enjoy a Flash episode that isn’t a special effects tour de force. Surely, there were a decent number of nice special effects throughout, but this episode gave us more

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29 Oct 2015

Shark Week | The Flash “The Fury of FIrestorm” Review

Season 2 of The Flash has been quite different from its freshman year. In Season 1, the main arc was all about Barry finding his mother’s killer and his transition becoming The Flash. They did dabble in various other characters but nothing like in this season thus far. In this

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21 Oct 2015

Cold Hearted | The Flash “Family of Rogues” Review

This week, The Flash delivered us an episode about fathers and their children in “Family of Rogues.” It just goes to show that parents, fathers in particular, have a huge impact on how their children grow into adults. It’s always a treat to have the Snart family back, and we

22 Oct 2014

We Win | The Flash “Things You Can’t Out Run” Review

The Flash is back with another great episode in, “Things You Can’t Out Run.” It’s interesting that the show has been able to keep up week after week with outstanding episodes. The show has been hitting all the right strides, and this week is no exception. Barry Allen is such

08 Oct 2014

In The Eye of The Storm | The Flash “Pilot” Review

The popularity of superheroes is at an all-time high. They are permeating every form of media imaginable, and the DC superheroes in particular have a lock on your television screen. From Gotham to Arrow and now The Flash, I had my fears that The Flash would falter solely due to

15 May 2014

First Look at The Flash

Here’s the very first trailer to the upcoming TV show The Flash on The CW. If you have been keeping up with Arrow another DC Comics TV series, you can see that the worlds are connected and will be featuring cameos from Arrow. Check out the trailer below and expect