01 Nov 2015

Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut Review (PS4 & PS Vita)

Mars has been in the spotlight lately. Exciting research conducted by NASA has concluded that there may be running water on the planet, brightening future efforts of Martian exploration. The Martian, starring Matt Damon and directed by Ridley Scott, is a monumental box office success. However, for a planet known

13 Oct 2015

Goosebumps: Night Of Scares Coming To Android And IOS

Goosbumps, starring Jack Black and directed by Rob Letterman, is making its landing into theaters this coming Friday, October the 16th. As per usual, the arrival of highly-anticipated family adventure films yields the deluge of film-themed merchandise as an attempt to capitilize on sales. In the midst of the sea of

05 Oct 2015

Muv-Luv, A Very Popular Manga, Takes To Kickstarter To Head West

Koki Yoshiumni has taken to Kickstarter to announce and ush for the funding of Muv-Luv: A Pretty Sweet Visual Novel Series. Along with the rest of the Muv-Luv Team, they are all hoping to bring forth one of the most critically acclaimed visual novels out of Japan and into western

07 Sep 2015

Pikmin 4 confirmed, “Very Close to completion.”

Nintendo has dropped an unexpectedly big announcement early this Labor Day morning. Speaking to Eurogamer this past July, Shigeru Miyamoto dropped a few words with big news. In an interview, he confirmed that Pikmin 4 isn’t just in development but “very close to completion.” In a seperate statement, Nintendo confirmed the

14 Jul 2015

Activision Surprises next-gen owners with PROTOTYPE BIOHAZARD Bundle

Activision made an incredibly surprising announcement today with the release of the Prototype Biohazard Bundle. With no teasing or promotional collateral, Activision has released a launch trailer and has announced that th games will be available together, starting today. Communications manager Scott Lowe release the news today on the Activision

14 Jul 2015

A Delightful Tale of Death and Freedom at The Edge of Space. | Lost Orbit Review

Death is a difficult story to tell. In fact, very difficult. So difficult, not many approach it. Death is a complete final act, filled with the processes of sadness, desperation, tragedy, and closure. Letting go of life with the fearful confidence of what happens in the unknown. To know that

07 Jul 2015

Arrowhead Studios Bringing Gauntlet: Slayer Edition to PS4

  Before HELLDIVERS, swedish-based Arrowhead Studios released a fully re-created version of Gauntlet, the legendary co-op action game which pit four players, each a different warrior, up against an army of evil, deep in the deadly dungeons. It is from this success that Arrowhead brings the experience to the PS4,

07 Jul 2015

HELLDIVERS: Masters of the Galaxy available today for all Sony platforms

  The highly-anticipated update to HELLDIVERS has arrived today. HELLDIVERS: Masters of The Galaxy is the newest update for the triumphantly successful HELLDIVERS, an ismetric twin-stick shooter known for it’s white knuckle gameplay, always on-friendly fire, and challenging levels. Having achieved victory in the fourth war,  the update introduces “master

03 Jul 2015

SKullgirls Developers announce new game, Indivisible

Over the last year, Lab Zero Game brought forth the crazy and incredibly addicting fighting game, Skullgirls. Lauded for its animated, grpahic visuals, insane fighting mechanics, and overall presentation, the game has been a huge success. Today, the stduio has announced the creation of a brand new game. From the

16 Jun 2015

E3 2015 : Square shows new Kingdom Hearts III trailer

    At the E3 2015, press breifing, Square Enix revealed a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, showcasing more of Sora’ combat, as well as the unveiling of a new world to visit: The World of Tangeled, the 2011 Disney classic animated film. The trailer showcased the keyblade

11 Jun 2015

Shadow Warrior 2 Officially announced. Prepare for more Wang!

  When you have twice the wang, you have twice the bang. Flying Hog Studios and 3D realms have officially announced Shadow Warrior 2 for PC and next-gen platforms. The news comes after teases began surfacing on the games’ facebook and twitter accounts. A new logo and tease of a

19 May 2015

Breach and Clear Breaches and Clears it’s way on the PS VITA

  Military games are nothing new but they used to have such a focus on tactics over bullets, thinking over explosions, and strategy over rockets. Reminiscient of the earliest days of tactical military games, like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit studios released Breach and Clear for