Extended Lightning Returns Trailer + New Details

Here’s another peak at Lightning Returns:Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix has released extended footage of the original trailer now including a bit more details. As you can see in the trailer former Final Fantasy XIII-2 character Noel is back and as a villain, no details yet on his motivations or if he is the real thing. Also new outfits for Lightning have been spotted each taking on the form of a different style similar to the paradigm system, since you can switch them out for different attacks.

Movement also plays a bigger role if Lightning Returns as you can now stagger enemies depending on how there facing and where your facing. One last thing to note is that a new character has been shown that looks similar to Serah which is named Lumina (shown below).Who looks to be following Lightning at every turn no more details on Lumina and what role she actually has have been released. Square Enix has finally mentioned the release frame for Lightning Returns which is coming out this fall. We will have more details as we head into E3, for now enjoy the trailer.


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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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