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The Scorpion team is in for another messy mission in “Adaptation.” A man finds drugs attached to a drone in the middle of the desert. Naturally, this catches the attention of the DEA who comes to the Scorpion team for help. Now that drug runners are turning to drones, the DEA needs to find a way to stop the drones from getting across the border.

Toby and Walter are still going to therapy. It doesn’t seem to be going very well. The therapist gets Toby to try to open up about Happy. Walter says that nothing can be going on between the two of them because there is a strict no fraternization rule at work. Toby says that they are not fraternizing at work, but the therapist catches on. He and Walter realize that Toby specified that there is no fraternization at work but not outside of work.

Toby decides that he should tell everyone about Quintis. He literally got on a soap box and poured out his heart to the rest of the team. Walter asks to deal with them later since a new case is coming their way. Walter asks for them to cooperate on the case but gives an ultimatum. After the case is over, Happy and Toby either end their relationship or one of them will have to quit Scorpion.


The DEA sends Agent Sanchez to assist on their case. He tells them that children are OD’ing all over the country, and the drugs are causing gang wars where innocent men, women, and children are getting caught in the crosshairs. The DEA came to Scorpion since drones are involved. They think that the drug runners are just testing out the drones as a new delivery system. Walter, Happy, and Sly develop a pulse gun that will knock a drone out of the air, but they will have to test it on a drone that they have. For some reason, Sly has a drone of his own, so they test out the gun on his drone. The gun is successful, but we know the mission can’t be that easy!

All of a sudden, a huge wave of drones show up on the radar. The drug runners must have gotten word that the cops were involved and decided to send a full shipment. As if that weren’t bad enough, the lead drone is weaponized. They can’t take down any of those drones, but another pass is coming through momentarily. They figure out a way to lead the drones into a tight formation, so the pulse gun can take them out. Cabe hits every drone with the pulse gun, but one of the drones is immune. If the drug runners get a hold of that drone, the DEA will be back to square one in their countermeasures.

Cabe and Walter follow the drone to the drop site, where the drug runners are already picking up the shipment. They steal the drone and try to make a quick getaway. The drug runners send a weaponized drone after the team and take out their car. Cabe shoots down the drone, but now Agent Sanchez has been hit. Happy, Sly, and Sanchez take cover in a nearby shack, while Cabe and Walter distract the bad guys.


At this point, it’s a shame that Walter was so adamant about Toby staying behind. It would have been nice to have a trained medical professional when Sanchez was bleeding out. Happy and Sly find a way to stop the bleeding, but that isn’t going to be enough. Happy admits that she hates the sight of blood, but Toby tells her that she’s going to have to perform some field surgery if she wants Sanchez to live. Toby uses a calming voice and lots of encouragement to get Happy to perform the surgery. He explains that the human body is just a machine. She just needs to drain the brakes like she’s done a million times before. It works, and Happy saves Sanchez’s life.

Cabe and Walter are trying to outrun the bad guys; unfortunately, they had no idea where they were going. They run into a dead end with the criminals on their tails. Toby comes up with an idea to save their lives. Toby put a tracking app on Happy’s phone that just so happens to be in the car with Walter. Sly uses the location to make his drone the leader of the drug runner’s drones. The weaponized drone now follows Sly’s commands. Phew, another narrow escape for the Scorpion team.

Walter is convinced more than ever that today’s case proved that they need laser like focus, no distractions. Paige talks to Walter about amending his rule. She reminds Walter that Happy and Toby are working better together now that they are in a relationship than they did before. Happy and Toby refuse to make this decision for Walter. Happy says that they are a package deal. Either both of them stay, or they both go. Walter relents and says that they can both stay. Paige is happy to see that Team Scorpion is adapting. Walter just says, “Adaptation is a messy business.” He sure is cynical for someone who claims to have no feelings.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This week’s case was a good one. I was glad that it showed another member, Happy, coming out of her comfort zone. It seems that Sly is the one who is constantly having to conquer his fears, but this time, Happy had to step up to the plate. I am also glad that Toby and Happy can continue to explore their relationship. On a side note, I was sad to hear that Jeopardy rejected Sly, but he’s going to try out for The Price is Right. I wish that we could actually watch him on that show. Keep tuning in to see Team Scorpion take on more crazy cases.
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