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Kara and Mon-El’s relationship is put to the test when the aliens ask for the people of National City to turn over Mon-El of Daxam, or else he will be taken by force. Meanwhile, Winn and Lyra also hit a terrible bump in the road when Winn finds out some secrets about his new girl.

You knew the minute that Kara mentioned how happy she was that it was about to coming crashing down. I’m not convinced that Kara would be able to enjoy her fun-employment for much longer, but this took a turn for the worse much quicker than expected. When the aliens demand for Mon-El, Supergirl goes to see if she can talk with them. When the ship hovering over National City begins to fire back at Kara, Mon-El gives in. He won’t let them harm Kara. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that he knows who is on the ship. Oh, you say it’s because that was kind of revealed in the promos? Anyway, Kara goes along for the ride, since she’s still in the dark.

When they arrive on the ship, everyone kneels to Mon-El. Kara is confused until Mon-El introduces his mother and father, Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand of Daxam. It takes only minutes for Kara to realize that this makes Mon-El the prince of Daxam, and he has been lying about his true identity this whole time. Kara doesn’t run away just yet. They decide to sit down with his parents for a meal. This can’t go well.


And it doesn’t. They are all curious how Mon-El fled Daxam, and the story isn’t a pretty one. Mon-El explains how his servant guard essentially stepped over people in need to get Mon-El to the pod and send him away from the dying planet. Mon-El is clearly ashamed of his behavior, and it’s because of Kara’s influence that he has had the capacity to change into a better person. Unfortunately, Kara doesn’t see it that way. All Kara sees is a prince who not only partook in these outdated customs of slavery, but he was part of leading a cruel world.

Kara and Queen Rhea have a chat about Mon-El. Rhea believes that Kara’s Kryptonian influence over Mon-El is making him weak and doing things like freeing the slaves from Slaver’s Moon. Queen Rhea wants Mon-El to go back to Daxam and lead his people once again. Rhea tells Kara that their relationship will never work because Kara thinks she’s better than Mon-El. Rhea knows that her son will never be good enough for the last daughter of Krypton. She even tells Kara that Mon-El has no idea how unforgiving the Kryptonians can be.

Of course, Kara only proves her right, which irks me. Mon-El tries to explain himself to Kara. He tells her that he hated the person he was on Daxam. He loves being a hero because he gets to spend every day by her side. He loves that she’s honest to a fault and fights for her loved ones. He even tells her he loves her. But, Kara isn’t responding. Mon-El pleads for Kara to see the good in him, but apparently, it’s too late. She tells him that it’s over.


Mon-El decides to not return to Daxam. He knows that his mother had something to do with Kara breaking it off, but really, Mon-El hated how they treated people. He doesn’t believe that his parents want anything different from Daxam moving forward. He knows that even if he isn’t with Kara, being near her will continue to make him a better person. Finally, he asks his parents to leave and never return. I don’t anticipate that being the end of the King and Queen of Daxam, so we’ll see how this all plays out soon.

Winn had a terrible time this episode. He has been on cloud nine enjoying life with his new girlfriend, Lyra, until he’s picked up by Maggie for breaking into the museum on the exact night that a priceless painting was stolen. When looking at the security feed, Winn is the only one on the tape. Why is Lyra not there when it was her idea to break into the museum? Well it turns out that her species doesn’t show up in photographs or on videos. How convenient. Lyra set Winn up, but she claims it was to save her brother.

Winn decides to help Lyra even after she lied to him. He knew that there was a good reason for Lyra lying, and she was purposely trying to hurt Winn in the process. Winn takes a fake painting to the buyer in exchange for Lyra’s brother, but the buyer spots the fake. With help from the DEO and Guardian, the buyer and the alien art smuggling ring are busted. Lyra can be reunited with her brother, and all is right once more.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
I thought this episode was great, despite my constant yelling at the television. I know that there must be more in the cards for Mon-El this season, but I’d hate to see him turn to the dark side. I think Kara is being a little ridiculous for not forgiving him. Can she really blame him for wanting to be normal? That’s what she’s been trying to do her whole life after all. Kara has seen the daily growth from Mon-El; it has even changed her opinion of Daxamites. So, why is this the breaking point? The best news we could get from the end of this episode is the promise of more Supergirl with a special musical crossover with The Flash. Music Meiser got himself locked up, so he could get to Kara. He puts her in some sort of alternate universe; then, he goes in search of the Scarlet Speedster. Tune in to The Flash to see how this adventure ends.
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